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TechnologyNetworkLogoThe IEA supports international energy technology research, development, deployment, and knowledge transfer through multilateral groups (formally known as Implementing Agreements or 'IAs'). The experts participating in the activities of the Implementing Agreements represent public and private sector entities worldwide. Together, these experts share knowledge – and resources – to advance energy technologies.



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Heat Pumping Technologies
Energy Efficient End-Use Equipment

Recent activities and findings

Effective ventilation in high performance buildings - joint conference

Abstract submission is now open for the 36th Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (AIVC) conference to take place in Madrid, Spain on 23-24 September. The AIVC is a project under the Buildings and Communities initiative (EBC IA). Deadline for submission is 27 March 2015.  More...

Global motor systems network - December newsletter

The latest issue of the 4E Electric Motor Systems (EMSA) newsletter from the Energy Efficient End-Use Equipment initiative (4E IA) is now available for download here.  

BrightSpark Newsletter - December issue 

The 4E BrightSpark December newsletter from the Energy Efficient End-use Equipment initiative (4E IA) reports on the latest news of international co-ordination of policies for efficient equipment. Download here

Policy guidelines for electric motor systems 

This report from the Electric Motor Systems annex (EMSA) of the Energy Efficient End-Use Equipment initiative (4E IA) offers a toolkit with proposed policy measures - EMSA's recommendations for successful policy implementation  - and shows best practice policy examples from all over the world to reach market transformation for efficient electric motor systems.  Access the report here.  

Toward 4th generation district heating

A new report from the District Heating and Cooling initiative (DHC IA) examines low-temperature district heating (LTDH) which is emerging as a new system to replace the existing 3rd generation district heating system.  The objective of this report is to raise awareness and provide insights that will stimulate the research, development and implementation of LTDH systems. It is one of four reports recently published under the current work programme and now available on the Research Projects section of the DHC IA website.  

Buildings and communities: November newsletter

Updates on four of its fourteen current international projects feature in the latest newsletter from the Energy in Buildings and Communities Programme (EBC IA). Download here.  

Innovative technology in heat pumps

Several papers on the topic of innovative technology in heat pumps presented at the recent Heat Pump Conference are highlighted in the latest issue of the HPC Newsletter from the Heat Pumping Technologies initiative (HPT IA). Download the e-newsletter here

Results of LED light proficiency testing 

The Energy Efficient End-use Equipment initiative (4E IA) has recently published Solid State Lighting Annex 2013 Interlaboratory Comparison Final Report, providing results of the world's largest program of proficiency tests conducted by laboratories for the testing of LED lights. Download here.  

Around $80bn wasted on power for online devices in 2013

More Data, Less Energy: Making Network Standby More Efficient in Billions of Connected Devices, jointly published by the Energy Efficient End-use Equipment initiative (4E IA) and the IEA, highlights the opportunity to reduce the energy demand of network-enabled devices by up to 65% through a range of policies co-ordinated globally by organisations such as the 4E IA.  Download from the IEA website here and learn more about the work of the 4E IA Electronic Devices and Networks Annex (EDNA).    

Five winners recognised in the 2014 Rittinger Award (heat pump technologies)

Awarded every three years, this award recognises outstanding contributions to the advancement of international collaboration in research, policy and market development and applications for energy-efficient heat pumping technologies that result in environmental benefits.  To learn more about the work of the five distinguished recipients visit the Heat Pump Technologies (HPT IA) page here

The Implementing Agreements in this category are reviewed by the Working Party on Energy End-Use Technologies (EUWP)

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