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Data cards

By purchasing a data card, you will be able to access a total 1000, 2000 or 5000 data points from all the on-line annual and quarterly IEA databases as well as the Monthly Gas Data service (but not the Monthly Oil Data Service or the CO2 emission factors from electricity generation). You can access the databases either for a single data point or for time series and tables. Every time you make a query a message will inform you how many units the query will cost in terms of data points. You need to agree by clicking the OK button before getting the information you request. Your credit of units will then be reduced by the number of units used in the query. If the credit on your data card is insufficient for the query, you receive a message informing you and suggesting you buy additional units in order to resubmit the query.

You can do a simulation to see how many data points you would need for a particular query. Go to and log in as GUEST. Click on the database in the left hand column, then on the data set in the right hand column and select the elements you need from the dimensions.  Finally, click on the View table icon to find out how many data points you have selected. Then you will know what data card you need to buy.

Important note:  when you purchase data points with a data card, please note that there is an upper limit of 10000 cells. If you need more data at any one time then you need to do separate extractions.

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 Data cards  Price in Euros *
Data card (1 user) : 1000 data points 45
Data card (1 user) : 2000 data points 75
Data card (1 user) : 5000 data points 150

To purchase please go to our e-commerce portal at For information on our other online data services click here

* Note on multi-user licences. Apart from the Global Corporate Licence, subscriptions are for a single legal entity. 


The data cards system uses a browser that works best on Internet Explorer (if using Version 10 it should be in compatibility mode). 

Portions of the IEA’s Online Data services include technology used under license from Beyond 20/20 Inc. and in which Beyond 20/20 Inc. and/or its licensors retain copyright. Your use of these services is subject to Beyond 20/20’s License Agreement.  You must not remove any proprietary notices or labels on the Beyond 20/20 Inc. software.