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Forthcoming (March 2017): Energy Statistics Course
15 November: Release of Monthly electricity statistics
10 November: Release of Monthly statistics
OilNatural gasPrices
28 October:  Release of the 2016 RD&D database and  Key RD&D trends
25 October:  CO2 Highlights 2016
14 October: Release of Monthly electricity statistics
21 September: Release of CO2 emissions online data service
Free data updated:
Energy Atlas, Sankey flows, Country dataIEA Headline Energy DataKey World Energy Statistics, Key CO2 Emissions Trends
4 August: Release of latest Key Trends:  
Key Coal Trends
Key Electricity Trends
Key Natural Gas Trends
Key World Energy Trends
28 July: Release of Key Renewables Trends,
and Key Oil Trends
9 May: Key OECD energy and emission trends

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