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09 November 2011, The world is locking itself into an unsustainable energy future which would have far-reaching consequences, IEA warns in its latest World Energy Outlook

09 November 2010, Recent policy moves a start, but much stronger action is needed to accelerate the transformation of the global energy system, says the IEA's latest World Energy Outlook

10 November 2009, The time has come to make the hard choices needed to combat climate change and enhance global energy security, says the latest IEA World Energy Outlook

12 November 2008, New Energy Realities - WEO Calls for Global Energy Revolution Despite Economic Crisis

07 November 2007, The Next 10 Years are Critical - the World Energy Outlook Makes the Case for Stepping up Co-operation with China and India to Address Global Energy Challenges

07 November 2007, World Energy Outlook 2007 Press Release in Chinese

07 November 2006, Weltenergieausblick 2006 zeigt den Weg in eine sauberere, intelligentere und auf mehr Wettbewerb basierende Energieversorgung

07 November 2006, The World Energy Outlook 2006 Maps Out a Cleaner, Cleverer and More Competitive Energy Future

19 May 2006, Fourth Joint OPEC/IEA Workshop

07 November 2005, IEA Projects Growth in Middle East and North Africa Oil and Natural Gas Sectors through 2030

15 May 2005, Third Joint OPEC/IEA Workshop Joint Communique

26 October 2004, Call for Urgent and Decisive Policy Responses

28 April 2004, Second Joint IEA/OPEC Workshop on Oil Investment Prospects

19 February 2004, US Department of Energy Honours the IEA's "World Energy Investment Outlook"

04 November 2003, World Energy Investment Outlook Sees Need for $16,000 billion of Energy Investment through 2030, Highlights Major Challenges in Mobilising Capital

26 September 2002, World Energy Outlook 2002 sees China set to be a strategic buyer on world energy markets, while enormous investment on energy infrastructure is needed

24 September 2002, World Energy Outlook 2002 Sees Korea's Energy Demand Rising Strongly Until 2030 and its Role in Global Energy Trade Expanding Rapidly

21 September 2002, World Energy Outlook 2002 Sees Abundant Energy until 2030, But Projects Challenges on Security, Investment, Environment and Poverty