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Chief Economist's Diary

IEA Chief Economist, Dr. Fatih Birol, holds regular press conferences and delivers speeches on energy market challenges and their policy implications at various events around the world.





12 Nov London WEO-2012 international press launch Read more.
4 Jun Istanbul World Economic Forum on the Middle East, North Africa and Eurasia 2012 Read more.
1 Jun Washington DC Launch of WEO-2012 “Golden Rules for a Golden Age of Gas” special report at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Read more.
29 May London Press launch of WEO-2012 "Golden Rules for a Golden Age of Gas" special report Read more.
2 May Paris Keynote address at African Oil & Gas Summit in Paris Read more.
25 April Paris Presentation at 18th Africa Partnership Forum Read more.
18 April Berlin Keynote speech at high-level meeting hosted by CEO of Shell Read more.
17 April Rome Presentation at Major Economies Forum  
17 April Amsterdam Keynote speech at 18th Annual FLAME Conference Read more.
23 March London Keynote address at the British Institute of Energy Economics Read more.
19 March Paris Energy Business Council Meeting (by invitation only) Read more.
13 March Venice Lectio magistralis at Eni-Legambiente event on Energy Access (with Chairman of Eni)  
7 March Warsaw WEO-2012 Workshop on Golden Rules for Unconventional Gas Prospects Read more
20 Feb Kyoto Keynote speech at 3rd International Association for Energy Economics Asian Conference Read more.
10 Feb Seoul WEO-2011 Presentation at Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy Read more.
8 Feb Stuttgart WEO-2011 Presentation at Foundation Energy & Climate Baden-Württemberg Read more.
3 Feb Moscow Keynote speech at "Russia Forum 2012" Read more.
25-28 Jan Davos World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2012 Read more.
14 Dec Singapore WEO-2011 launch at Energy Market Authority Welcome remarks by Singapore’s Energy Market Authority Director of External Relations, Venetta Miranda, and moderated by Energy Studies Institute Chief Economist, Tilak Doshi. Read more.
13 Dec Brisbane WEO-2011 presentation at Rio Tinto and Energy Alliance of Australia conference Presided by Rio Tinto Managing Director of Australia, David Peever. Read more.
12 Dec Canberra WEO-2011 launch at Parliament House Presided by Australian Minister for Resources and Energy, Martin Ferguson. Read more.
9 Dec Stockholm WEO-2011 launch at Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications Presided by Swedish State Secretary in Ministry for Enterprise, Energy and Communications, Daniel Johansson. Read more. See quote.
8 Dec Warsaw WEO-2011 launch at Ministry of Economy Presided by Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Waldemar Pawlak. Read more. See quote.
7 Dec Brussels WEO-2011 presentation at the European Parliament Presided by EURACOAL President, Hartmuth Zeiss. Read more. See quote.
2 Dec Budapest WEO-2011 lecture at Central European University Read more.
2 Dec Budapest WEO-2011 launch at Ministry of National Development Read more.
1 Dec Istanbul WEO-2011 launch at TÜSİAD conference Read more.
30 Nov Madrid WEO-2011 launch at Spanish Energy Club conference With participation of Secretary of State for Environment, Teresa Ribera, Secretary of State for Energy, Fabrizio Hernandez, and the President of the Spanish Energy Commission, Alberto Lafuente. Read more.
29 Nov New York WEO-2011 speech at the Council on Foreign Relations Read more.
29 Nov New York WEO-2011 lecture at Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs Presided by Columbia University Visiting Professor, Manuel Pinho. Read more.
28 Nov Washington DC WEO-2011 launch at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Read more.
25 Nov Helsinki WEO-2011 launch at Fortum conference Introductory remarks by Fortum President and CEO, Tapio Kuula, and presided by Finnish Minister of Environment, Ville Niinistö. Read more. See quote.
24 Nov Vienna WEO-2011 launch at International Atomic Energy Agency Read more.
23 Nov Brussels WEO-2011 launch at Friends of Europe’s Energy Policy Summit With participation of EU Commissioner for Energy, Günther Oettinger. Read more.
22 Nov Rome WEO-2011 launch at Ministry of Foreign Affairs Presided by Ministry and with participation of Enel CEO, Fulvio Conti, and ENI CEO, Paolo Scaroni. Read more.
21 Nov Paris WEO-2011 presentation for World Economic Forum virtual meeting Moderated by World Economic Forum Head of Energy Industries, Roberto Bocca. Read more.
21 Nov Paris WEO-2011 presentation at 33rd IEA Coal Industry Advisory Board Plenary Meeting Presided by IEA CIAB Chairman, J. Brett Harvey. Read more.
18 Nov Istanbul Keynote speech during launch of Sabanci University’s 2011 Carbon Disclosure Project Turkey Read more.
17 Nov Istanbul Presentation at Black Sea Energy and Economic Forum Presided by Turkish Deputy Prime Minister, Ali Babacan. Read more.
16 Nov Bern WEO-2011 launch at Swiss Federal Office of Energy Presided by Swiss Minister of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications, Doris Leuthard. Read moreSee quote.
16 Nov Geneva WEO-2011 presentation at UNECE Energy Week Presided by UNECE Executive Secretary, Jan Kubis. Read more.
15 Nov Copenhagen WEO-2011 launch at Danish Energy Agency Presided by Danish Minister for Energy, Climate and Buildings, Martin Lidegaard, and interventions from European Climate Foundation CEO, Johannes Meier, and DONG Energy CEO, Anders Eldrup. Read more. See quote.
11 Nov Berlin WEO-2011 presentation at BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt 17th European Forum Berlin Read more.
11 Nov Berlin WEO-2011 launch at Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology Introductory remarks by German State Secretary of Ministry of Economics and Technology, Jochen Homann, and BP Europa Chairman, Uwe Franke. Read more. See quote.
10 Nov Berlin Speech at Energiesymposium 49+1 Presided by EC Commissioner for Energy, Günther Oettinger. Read more.
10 Nov Amsterdam WEO- 2011 presentation at ING Bank conference With interventions from ING Chief Economist, Mark Cliffe, and Oranje-Nassau Energie Chief Financial Officer, Halbart Volker. Read more.
10 Nov Den Haag WEO-2011 launch at Ministry of Economic Affairs Presided by Dutch Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, Maxime Verhagen. Read more and see photo. See quote.
9 Nov London WEO-2011 International press launch Read more.
3 Nov Cannes Cannes B20 Business Summit Read more.

18-19 Oct

Paris IEA Ministerial Meeting 2011 Read more.
13 Oct Brussels Keynote Speech at the European Parliament Conference entitled “Turkey – Energy for a Growing Economy: Opportunities and Challenges” Read more.
11 Oct London

Keynote Speech at the Oil and Money Conference 2011

Read more.
10 Oct Oslo Launch of WEO-2011 “Modern Energy Access For All” special report Live webcast.
Read more.
05 Oct Brussels Public Hearing on “Prospects for Shale Gas in the European Union” organised by the Committee of Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) of the European Parliament  
29 Sept Brussels Keynote Speech at the European Commission Conference on the completion of the EU internal energy market: “Getting to 2014”  
19-20 Sept New York

Keynote Speech at the Meeting of United Nations Secretary-General’s High-Level Group on Sustainable Energy For All

Read more.
07 Sept Paris

Keynote Speech at E.ON France Conference

28 June New York Rio + 20 Luncheon Keynote Speech following speech by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon  
21 June Singapore Lecture for Distinguished Speaker Programme of Energy Market Authority Read more.
21 June Singapore Lecture for Eminent Speaker Programme of National University of Singapore Singapore Speech 21 June
14 June Brussels Bureau of European Policy Advisors (BEPA) Conference “Commodities and Raw Materials: Challenges and Policy Responses”  
8 June Rome Presentation of WEO-2011 “Are We Entering A Golden Age of Gas?” special report Conference hosted by Eni with the participation of Mr. Scaroni, CEO of Eni and Mr. Saglia, Undersecretary Minister of Economic Development
7 June Oslo Presentation of WEO-2011 “Are We Entering A Golden Age of Gas?” special report Presenting at the 16th European Gas Conference. Read more.
6 June London Press launch of WEO-2011 “Are We Entering A Golden Age of Gas?” special report Read more.
13  May Paris IEA Workshop on Energy for all: financing access for the poor Read more.
21 April Paris Paris-Nairobi Climate Initiative, Clean Energy for All in Africa Ministerial Meeting  
20 April Moscow IEA Workshop on the Russia Energy Outlook Russia Workshop 20 April
14 April Beijing

IEA Workshop on Outlook for Coal Industry and Markets

Read more.
25 Mar Istanbul Presentation at ERSTE Group  
16 Mar Moscow Diner lecture at KPMG ENR event in UK Ambassador’s Residence  
8 Mar Tokyo Keynote address at APERC Annual Conference  
7 Mar Tokyo Lecture at Japan Gas Association  
2 Mar Berlin Keynote address at FOCUS symposium on the Future of Power Plants  
23-24 Feb Paris IEA Energy Business Council Read more.
21-22 Feb Jakarta Keynote address at the Pacific Energy Summit Read more.
17 Feb London Presentation at British Institute of Energy Economics  
17 Feb London Keynote address at The State of the Economy conference Read more.
17 Feb London Lunch speech at Bank of America Merrill Lynch  
8 Feb Toronto Keynote address at The Economic Club of Canada Read more.
3 Feb St. Petersburg Fortum Summit 2011  
2 Feb Moscow Gazprom Export Discussions with Director General Mr. Medvedev.
2 Feb Moscow Russia Forum 2011 Read more.
1 Feb Moscow Russian Ministry of Energy Discussions with Deputy Ministers of Energy, Mr. Yanovsky and Mr. Kudryashov.
26-28 Jan Davos Chair and speaker in multiple sessions Read more
24 Jan Riyadh IEA-IEF-OPEC Symposium on Energy Outlooks Read more
20 Jan Abu Dhabi Keynote Speech at World Future Energy Summit Read more
18 Jan London WEO-2010 presentation at Grantham Institute for Climate Change, Imperial College Read more