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The WEO Team

WEO Team

Prasoon  AGARWAL , Marco BARONI, Christian BESSON, Fatih BIROL, Alessandro BLASI, Amos BROMHEAD, Raffaella CENTURELLI, John CORBEN, Laura COZZI, Ian CRONSHAW, Michel D'AUSILIO, Dan DORNER, Dafydd ELIS, Matthew FRANK, Tim GOULD, Timur GUEL, Shinichi KIHARA, Kate KUMARIA, Jung LEE, Qiang LIU, Sandra MOONEY, Pawel OLEJARNIK, Katrin SCHABER, Tatsuya TOMIE, Timur TOPALGOEKCELI, Brent WANNER, David WILKINSON, Peter WOOD, Akira YANAGISAWA, Tatiana ZHITENKO

The  IEA's Office of the Chief Economist (OCE), with contributions from other IEA  divisions, and consultation with member governments, international  organizations and energy companies, is responsible for producing the World Energy Outlook. The  OCE is directed by Dr. Fatih Birol, Chief Economist of the IEA. The WEO team  includes economists, modellers, engineers and research analysts from a variety  of countries.