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The annual World Energy Outlook (WEO) is now the world’s most authoritative source of energy market analysis and projections, providing critical analytical insights into trends in energy demand and supply and what they mean for energy security, environmental protection and economic development. The WEO projections are used by the public and private sector as a framework on which they can base their policy-making, planning and investment decisions and to identify what needs to be done to arrive at a supportable and sustainable energy future. The WEO received numerous awards from governments and energy industry for its analytical excellence.

In addition to setting out energy market projections, the WEO also contributes to the international policy debate by presenting objective and comprehensive analysis of topical issues or challenges confronting the energy sector. For example, WEO-2009 analysed the implications of the rapid development of unconventional gas resources, WEO-2008 looked at the transformation needed in the energy sector to combat climate change and WEO-2007 assessed the global implications of China's rising energy demand.

  • World Energy Outlook 2011: Keywords: Climate Change; Coal; Energy Projections; Oil; Russia
  • World Energy Outlook 2010: Keywords: Climate  Change; Energy Policy; Energy Projections; Oil; Renewable Energy
  • World Energy Outlook 2009: Keywords: Climate  Change; Energy Policy; Energy Projections; Natural Gas, Southeast Asia
  • World Energy Outlook 2008: Keywords: Climate Change; Cleaner Fossil Fuels; Energy Policy; Energy Projections;  Oil
  • World Energy Outlook 2007: Keywords: Climate Change; China and India; Energy Poverty; Energy Projections;  Energy Policy
  • World Energy Outlook 2006: Keywords: Brazil;  Climate Change; Energy Policy; Energy Projections; Nuclear; Oil and Gas  Investment
  • World Energy Outlook 2005: Keywords: Electricity  and Water; Energy Policy; Energy Projections; Middle East and North Africa
  • World Energy Outlook 2004: Keywords: Climate Change; Energy Policy; Energy Projections; Energy and  Development; Russia
  • World Energy Outlook 2003: Keywords: Energy Policy; Energy Projections; Energy Investments; Energy  Technology; Financing
  • Previous  Versions

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