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Policy Pathways Series

The Policy Pathway series seeks to help countries implement effective policies to improve energy efficiency. Based on direct experience, research, expert workshops and best-practice case studies, the series outlines the essential steps and milestones for policy development and implementation.  Policy Pathways can help countries to ask the right questions, to inform and consult stakeholders, to ensure allocation of sufficient resources, provide training for stakeholders, and communicate results. They also help countries to establish robust monitoring systems and to evaluate results in a way that ensures the achievement of desired objectives.

Policy Pathways Series - category

Title Year Type Topic
Policy Pathways: Modernising Building Energy Codes 2013 Free Buildings, Appliances, Climate change, Energy efficiency, G8
Policy Pathways: A Tale of Renewed Cities
A policy guide on how to transform cities by improving energy efficiency in urban transport systems
2013 Free Non-member countries, Cities, Urban transport, Public transport
Policy Pathways: Improving the Fuel Economy of Road Vehicles - A policy package 2012 Free Energy efficiency, Transport
Policy Pathways: Energy Management Programmes for Industry - Gaining through saving - Chinese version 2012 Translation: Energy efficiency, Industry
Policy Pathways: Energy Management Programmes for Industry - Gaining through saving 2012 Free Energy efficiency, Industry
Policy Pathways: Joint Public-Private Approaches for Energy-Efficiency Finance 2012 Free Finance, Industry
Policy Pathways: Q&A Fact Sheet 2010 Free Energy efficiency
Policy Pathways: Energy Performance Certification of Buildings
A Policy Tool to Improve Energy Efficiency
2010 Free Buildings
Policy Pathways: Monitoring, Verification and Enforcement
Improving compliance within equipment energy-efficiency programmes
2010 Free Energy efficiency