The IEA CHP and DHC Collaborative (India)

The IEA CHP and DHC Collaborative (India)
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Edition: 2014
36 pages

India’s rapid economic and population growth have driven steady increases in energy demand. The availability of clean and affordable energy and electricity has become a growing concern for the Indian Government, as well as for end users. India has increased its support for CHP in targeted industries, especially bagasse-based applications in the sugar industry, setting a strong base on which to build future policy opportunities. However, there is significant untapped potential in other applications. Similarly, there are few DC systems in India at present. A few high‑profile DC projects could raise awareness of the benefits of these integrated systems.

Comprehensive information on installed capacity of CHP and DC is difficult to obtain due to a lack of centralised data collection, making it difficult to assess in detail the overall potential for further deployment of these technologies in the country. However, this report provides an overview of the available data, as well as recommendations to overcome this barrier.

The intent of this report is to summarise the current status of CHP and DC applications in India, to review the impact that government policies have had on CHP and DC uptake, and to offer possible solutions to the barriers identified.