Mapping Multilateral Collaboration on Low-Carbon Energy Technologies

Mapping Multilateral Collaboration on Low-Carbon Energy Technologies
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Edition: 2014
52 pages

IEA analyses have consistently highlighted that low-carbon energy technologies have a crucial role to play in addressing current global challenges on energy security, sustainability and access. Recent years have seen a considerable increase in the number and range of multilateral initiatives seeking to foster the deployment of low-carbon energy technologies, yet the respective mandates, areas of activity and interactions of these initiatives are not always clear.

This Insights Paper seeks to respond to that information gap. The paper summarises existing efforts to map multilateral collaboration on low-carbon energy technologies and sets out a basic analytical framework for characterising the mandate and institutional features, membership, technological scope, activities of and interactions among such initiatives. It then applies this common framework to a mapping of all relevant initiatives and concludes by exploring opportunities for research in this field.

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