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Featured Insights publications

Featured Insights are recent IEA studies and analyses that have been featured in the Publications pages of the journal IEA Energy.

Title Year Type Topic
Seamless Power Markets
Regional integration of electricity market in IEA member countries
2014 Free Energy policies, Electric, Energy poverty, Renewables, Electricity security, Market design
Heating Without Global Warming
Market Developments and Policy Considerations for Renewable Heat
2014 Free Heat, Renewables
Production Costs of Alternative Transportation Fuels
Influence of Crude Oil Price and Technology Maturity
2013 Free Biofuels, ETP, Natural gas, Transport
Global Land Transport Infrastructure Requirements
Estimating road and railway infrastructure capacity and costs to 2050
2013 Free ETP, IEA Journal, Transport
CCS Retrofit: Analysis of the Global Installed Power Plant Fleet 2012 Free CCS

Insights publications

Recent IEA studies and analyses that are a work in progress and/or have been produced in parallel with – or are contributing to – other IEA work or formal publication.

Title Year Type Topic
Emissions Trading in the People’s Republic of China: A Simulation for the Power Sector 2014 Free Climate change, Electricity, Emissions trading
CCS 2014 - What Lies in Store for CCS? 2014 Free CCS, Clean energy technologies, Climate change
The IEA CHP and DHC Collaborative (India)
CHP/DHC Country Scorecard: India
2014 Free Clean energy technologies, Combined heat and power, District heating and cooling, Energy efficiency, Electricity, Energy policies
The Impact of Global Coal Supply on Worldwide Electricity Prices
Overview and Comparison between Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan, China and South Africa
2014 Free Coal, Electricity, Energy security
Carbon Capture and Storage: Legal and Regulatory Review - Edition 4 2014 Free CCS, Clean energy technologies, Energy efficiency, Policy framework, RD&D
The IEA CHP and DHC Collaborative (Korea)
CHP/DHC Country Scorecard: Korea
2013 Free Clean energy technologies, Energy efficiency, Electricity, Energy policies, Combined heat and power, District heating and cooling
Managing Interactions Between Carbon Pricing and Existing Energy Policies
Guidance for Policymakers
2013 Free Climate change, Clean energy technologies, energy efficiency, Energy policies, Carbon pricing, Carbon tax, Emissions trading, ETS, Policy integration, Policy interaction
Electricity Networks:Infrastructure and Operations
Too complex for a resource?
2013 Free Electricity; Energy efficiency indicators; Energy policy; Institutional design and regulatory frameworks for electricity
Focus on Energy Security
Costs, Benefits and Financing of Holding Emergency Oil Stocks
2013 Free Energy policies, Energy security, Energy security, oil and natural gas, Oil
The IEA CHP and DHC Collaborative (Japan)
CHP/DHC Country Scorecard: Japan
2013 Free Clean energy technologies, Energy efficiency, Combined heat and power, District heating & cooling
The IEA CHP and DHC Collaborative (Finland)
CHP/DHC Country Scorecard: Finland
2013 Free Clean energy technologies, Energy efficiency, Energy policies, Industry, Combined heat and power
Russian Electricity Reform 2013 Update:
Laying an Efficient and Competitive Foundation for Innovation and Modernisation
2013 Free Electricity, Energy policies, Global engagement, Russia
Gas to Coal Competition in the U.S. Power Sector 2013 Free Coal, Electricity, Gas, Natural gas
21st Century Coal
Advanced Technology and Global Energy Solution
2013 Free CCS, Clean coal technologies, Coal, Electricity
Energy Provider ‐ Delivered Energy Efficiency:
A global stock‐taking based on case studies
2013 Free Global engagement, Energy policies, Energy efficiency
Mobilising Investment in Energy Efficiency:
Economic instruments for low‐energy buildings
2013 Free Buildings, Economic instruments, Energy efficiency, Energy efficiency G8, Energy policies, Finance, Sustainable buildings
Plugging the Energy Efficiency Gap with Climate Finance:
The role of International Financial Institutions (IFIs)and the Green Climate Fund
2012 Free Climate change, Emissions, Energy efficiency, Energy efficiency indicators, Finance
Facing China’s Coal Future
面向中国煤炭未来发展 - Chinese version
2012 Translation: CCS, Coal, China
Securing Power during the Transition
Generation Investment and Operation Issues in Electricity Markets
2012 Free Capacity mechanisms, Electricity, Energy security, Market design
Policy Options for Low-Carbon Power Generation in China
Designing an emissions trading system for China’s electricity sector
2012 Free Climate, Electricity, Emissions trading, China
Policies for Renewable Heat:
An integrated approach
2012 Free Energy policies, heat, renewables
Energy Efficiency Policy Developments
September 2011‐September 2012
2012 Free Biofuels, Energy policies, Energy efficiency
Spreading the Net:
the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency Improvements
2012 Free Energy efficiency
Toward a More Efficient and Innovative Electricity Sector in Russia 2012 Free Energy efficiency, Russia, Electricity
Toward a More Efficient and Innovative Electricity Sector in Russia
К более эффективной и инновационной электроэнергетике в России
2012 Translation: Energy efficiency, Russia, Electricity
Progress Implementing the IEA 25 Energy Efficiency Policy Recommendations:
2011 Evaluation
2012 Free Energy efficiency
The Global Value of Coal
Coal Industry Advisory Board
2012 Free Coal
Facing China’s Coal Future:
Prospects and Challenges for Carbon Capture and Storage
2012 Free CCS, Coal, China