Renewable Energy: Markets and Prospects by Technology

Renewable Energy: Markets and Prospects by Technology
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Edition: 2011
66 pages

This information paper accompanies the IEA publication Deploying Renewables 2011: Best and Future Policy Practice (IEA, 2011a). It provides more detailed data and analysis, and explores the markets, policies and prospects for a number of renewable energy technologies.This paper provides a discussion of ten technology areas: bioenergy for electricity and heat, biofuels, geothermal energy, hydro energy, ocean energy, solar energy (solar photovoltaics, concentrating solar power, and solar heating), and wind energy (onshore and offshore).

Each technology discussion includes:

  • the current technical and market status
  • the current costs of energy production and cost trends
  • the policy environment
  • the potential and projections for the future and
  • an analysis of the prospects and key hurdles to future expansion