Coal Information: Overview (2017 edition)

Coal Information: Overview (2017 edition)
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Edition: 2017
8 pages

Coal Information 2017 provides a comprehensive review of historical and current market trends in the world coal sector, including 2016 provisional data. It provides a review of the world coal market in 2016, alongside a statistical overview of developments, which covers world coal production and coal reserves, coal demand by type, coal trade and coal prices for the 35 OECD member countries and for 22 major non-OECD coal- producing and -consuming countries.

This overview from Coal Information 2017 contains a summary of the most recent trends in coal production, trade and consumption..

Online data can be purchased at the IEA data services portal and the print version of Coal Information 2017 will soon be available for purchase at the IEA Bookshop.