Country:United States
Policy status:Ended
Date Effective:2002
Policy Type:Research, Development and Deployment (RD&D)>Research programme >Technology deployment and diffusion, Information and Education, Information and Education>Information provision, Policy Support, Policy Support>Strategic planning, Research, Development and Deployment (RD&D), Research, Development and Deployment (RD&D)>Research programme
Policy Target:Transport>Passenger, Energy Sector>Electricity Generation>Renewable, Energy Sector>Electricity Generation>Renewable>Bioenergy, Framework/ Multi-sectoral Policy, Transport, Transport>Freight
Agency:U.S. Department of Agriculture

The Biobased Products and Bioenergy Coordination Council (BBCC) provides a forum through which USDA agencies coordinate, facilitate and promote research, development, transfer of technology, commercialization, and marketing of biobased products and Bioenergy using renewable domestic agricultural and forestry materials. This includes promoting information sharing, strategic planning and providing policy advice to the Secretary of Agriculture.

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