Country:United States
Policy status:Ended
Date Effective:2005
Policy Type:Research, Development and Deployment (RD&D)>Research programme >Technology deployment and diffusion, Information and Education, Information and Education>Information provision, Research, Development and Deployment (RD&D), Research, Development and Deployment (RD&D)>Research programme
Policy Target:Energy Sector>Electricity Generation>Renewable>Wind, Energy Sector, Energy Sector>Electricity Generation>Renewable
Agency:U.S. Department of Energy

The Federal Wind Siting Information Center supports the increased deployment of wind energy facilities on public, private, and tribal lands, airspace, and offshore. The center provides a resource for information on the siting of wind turbines and Federal activities to support the increased deployment of wind energy. Resources include maps and assessments, information on policies and regulations, siting studies, and siting tools.

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