Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:1994
Policy Type:
Policy Target:
Agency:Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)
According to the achievement of Label No.5 Refrigerator program, EGAT apply the same method to launch the project energy efficient air conditioner. Air conditioner is a high-growth and highest energy consuming appliance especially Summer period for habitat and business session. The opening ceremony of the project held on 20th September 1994 by the cooperation of air conditioner manufacturer companies to decide the criteria for energy efficiency and develop air conditioner in order to acquire label no.5 which Electrical and Electronics Institute (EEI) is the third party who perform energy efficiency test.  
Year 2004, Thai Industrial Standard Institute (TISI), declared the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) for the air conditioner per chamber size 8,000 and12,000 watt perform energy efficiency rate above 2.82 and2.53 (9.6 and8.6 BTU/hr/W) respectively. It became an effective law since March 2004.Hence, air conditioner in the same spec must qualify by TISI2134-2545 to be legally manufactured and distributed in the country. Enhancing in energy saving, label no.5 criteria for air conditioner increased from EER 10.6 to EER 11 which reduce the electricity consumption up to 5 percent since the beginning of the project in January 2005 until present. 
According to lael no. 5, the Energy efficiency ratio (EER) is the following: 

Energy Efficiency Ratio(EER)
Label no.5 Air conditioner

(Air conditioner Size < 8000 Watt, 27296 BTU/Hr.)

Efficiency Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)
No.5 above or 11.60
No.4 above or 11.00 – less than 11.59
No.3 above or 10.60 – less than 11.00

Energy Efficiency Ratio(EER)
Label no.5 Air conditioner

(Air Conditioner Size> 8000 Watt, 27296 BTU/Hr.)

Efficiency Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)
No.5 above or 11.00
No.4 above or 10.60 – less than 10.99
No.3 above or  9.60  – less than 10.59


Standard air conditioner is worth replacing with Label no.5 one
Size Efficiency chart 
Save rate per year
BTU/HR. Ton of Refrigeration No.5 TISI 2134-2545 Unit (kWh) 
12,000 1 12.24 9.6 787.25 2,582.20
18,000 1.5 11.84 9.6 1,035.81 3,397.46
24,000 2 11.76 9.6 1,340.82 4,397.88
28,000 2.33 11.50 9.6 1,407.10 4,615.30
25 Energy Efficiency Recommendations Applied:Appliances and equipment, Mandatory MEPS and labels

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