Country:South Africa
Year:2007 (April 2nd)
Policy status:Unknown
Jurisdiction:Municipal, National
Date Effective:2007 (April 2nd)
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments, Policy Support, Economic Instruments>Direct investment>Infrastructure investments
Policy Target:Multi-Sectoral Policy
Legal References:General Notice 391 of 2007

Programme was firstly launched in 2003 with a goal to support households in meeting their primary energy needs. It was quickly understood that that scope and format of the programme ware not suitable for on ground conditions. It was realized that many households are allocated in remote area where geographical barriers posed serious problem in project realization. After modifications programme was re-launched in April 2007 with a main objective to support indigent households allocated in un-electrified areas with free basic alternative off-grid energy to meet people’s basic need, e.g.: cooking and lightening. Other goals are:1) To minimise health risks by promoting safe use of energy (e.g.: populate usage of modern cooking stoves)2) To maximize energy efficiency by energy producers, carriers and promote energy efficiency habits among end-users3) To address, where possible, wide socio-economic issues that arise from inadequate provision of electricity to the community.Above objectives will be achieved by joined implementation of 3 different programmes: National Electrification Programme, Free Basic Electricity and Free Basic Alternative Energy.Programme can not target areas where a) Solar Home System Programme is already carried out or will be; b) immediate plans to electrify area exist. It will be implemented in areas most distant from the electricity grid and where energy poverty is most prevalent.Municipalities will be heavily involved in the programme. They will compile and provide list of beneficiaries suitable for a programme, manage on-ground activities and will be responsible for monitoring and reporting to the Ministry on the programme’s fulfilment. Also they are responsible for implementation of fraud prevention measures.

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