Country:Saudi Arabia
Policy status:In Force
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Energy Efficiency Description:

Saudi Arabia first focused on energy efficiency in 2003 creating its National Energy Efficiency Programme(NEEP). The programme introduced energy audits for buildings, conducted training, created energy efficiency standards and labels for appliances, developed energy efficiency codes for new buildings and started benchmarking building energy performance. Certain outcomes of the NEEP were aimed at creating a base level of energy efficiency in new buildings using a building component approach.

The NEEP formally ended in 2010 and was followed by the creation of the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC) which instituted a stand-alone administration for energy efficiency in the country. Prior to the creation of the SEEC, the Ministry of Petroleum administered the NEEP (in collaboration with five other government ministries and public corporations). The SEEC is empowered to develop its own energy efficiency plans and to act as a co-ordinator between government ministries and with non-government stakeholders. The main tasks for the SEEC are to develop Saudi Arabia’s energy efficiency plans, policies and initiatives, monitor implementation, promote awareness and build capacity in the energy efficiency market (Alabbadi, 2014). In pursuit of these tasks, the SEEC created the 2012 Energy Efficiency Plan (EEP) as a follow-up to the NEEP.

The EEP set out to establish a baseline for energy efficiency policy efforts (notably on energy efficiency in key sectors); to bring together key stakeholders from government and business that have important leverage over energy efficiency outcomes within their portfolios; to implement standards for measuring the highest impact; to agree and disseminate energy efficiency labels on appliances; to procure and demonstrate leadership on energy efficiency in government buildings; and to develop the basic infrastructure and capacity to begin monitoring and enforcing energy efficiency objectives.

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