Policy status:In Force
Jurisdiction:National, State/Regional
Date Effective:2010
Policy Type:
Policy Target:
Agency:Ministry of Industry and Trade
  •  Provides for the procedure for determining the producers and importers of energy efficiency class of goods, as well as other information about the product's energy efficiency;
  • Determination of the energy efficiency class of goods is carried out by the manufacturer, importer, in accordance with these Rules;
  • Shall apply to electric compression-type refrigeration equipment for storage and / or freezing of food in a domestic environment;
  • Shall apply to washing machines and combination washer-dryers, electric cars, household products, powered by the AC mains voltage up to 250 V, 50 Hz, designed for washing of textiles using a detergent and rinsing, spinning and drying ( if any) in automatic mode;
    • The action does not apply to washing machines with separate tanks for washing and spinning (for example, a machine with two tanks), as well as washing machines are working on other types of energy.
  • Shall apply to domestic air-conditioners, powered by the AC mains voltage up to 250 V, 50 Hz (hereinafter - the air conditioning). The action does not apply to air conditioners:
    • Operating on other energy sources;
    • With steam and water-water heat pump;
    • With a cooling capacity of 12kW
  • Shall apply to household dishwashers, powered by the AC mains voltage up to 250 V and 50 Hz. This action does not apply to appliances that can also use other energy sources.
  • Shall apply to household kitchen appliance (hereinafter - electric), operating from the mains. The action does not apply to a high-frequency heating appliance.
  • Shall apply to frying cabinets (domestic electric oven), operating from the mains. The action does not apply to cabinets:
    • Microwave ovens and microwave combination oven;
    • Small-size cabinets (with a useful volume of less than 12 liters);
    • Electric oven without temperature control;
    • Electro-ovens to the process of heating food, other than specified (standard heating food, heating food forced air heating and cooking hot steam).
  • Shall apply to household microwaves, intended for heating of food and beverage in the chamber by means of electromagnetic energy at one or several frequency bands (hereinafter - the microwaves) in the range from 300 MHz to 30 GHz, with a nominal voltage less than 250 V and 50 Hz. The action does not apply to the following devices:
    • Commercial microwave ovens;
    • Industrial microwave heating equipment;
    • Devices for medical purposes;
    • Devices intended for use in places with special conditions (eg, gas, vapor, dust).
  • Shall apply to color TV sets and TV equipment combined; 
  • Shall apply to household appliances for heating, namely, electric radiators, Heaters, Electric fan heaters, electric radiators without accumulative core powered by the AC mains voltage up to 250 V and 50 Hz.
  • Shall apply to household appliances for heating liquids, namely household Electric boiler, electric water flow, fed by the AC mains voltage up to 250 V and 50 Hz;
  • Shall apply to  household electric lamps, operating from the mains power supply system for general purpose and intended for use in lighting fixtures (incandescent and fluorescent lamps with integrated ballast) and household fluorescent lamps (including bulbs with one and two caps and lamps without integrated ballast), which are intended for use not only in the domestic environment (hereinafter - the lamp). The action does not apply to lamps with a:
    • Luminous flux of over 6500 lumens;
    • Power consumption of less than 4 watts;
    • intended for use with other energy sources, for example, powered by batteries
    • Not intended to emit light in the visible frequency range (wavelength from 400 to 800 nm).
  • Shall apply to computer monitors;
  • Shall apply to printers and copiers;
  • Shall apply to lifts intended for the transport of persons
25 Energy Efficiency Recommendations Applied:Buildings, Buildings, Energy performance of building components and systems , Appliances and equipment, Mandatory MEPS and labels
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