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Energy Efficiency Description:There are two types of energy efficiency standards for each product in Korea -- the less stringent Minimum Energy Performance Standards, which define the minimum requirements for the manufacture and sale of products; the more stringent Target Energy Performance Standards, which encourage manufacturers to enhance the energy efficiency of their products to technically feasible and economically acceptable levels. Such standards are compulsory for 19 items, including: air conditioners (room), ballasts, clothes washers, computers, fax machines, heat recovery ventilators, induction motors, lamps (fluorescent), lamps (incandescent), monitors, photocopiers, printers, refrigerators and/or refrigerator-freezers, televisions, and VCRs When manufacturers, importers and suppliers fail to meet the "Minimum Energy Performance Standards", MOCIE can prevent them from selling the product concerned on the market, in accordance with Article 18-2 of the Law on the Rationalised Use of Energy, and they can be fined up to 5 million Won under Article 95-2 of this Law.

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