Policy status:Ended
Policy Type:Information and Education>Performance Label
Energy Efficiency Description:KEMCO supervises the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling programme set up in 1992. The programme covers nine items: electric refrigerators and refrigerators-freezers (September 1992), electric air-conditioners (January 1993), washing machines (January 2001), incandescent bulbs (October 1992), fluorescent lamps (October 1992), self-ballast lamps (July 1999), ballasts for fluorescent lamps (July 1994), domestic gas boilers (August 2001) and passenger cars (September 1992). It applies not only to domestic products but also to imported products. Marketplace inspections are taking place to ascertain whether all products covered by the law are correctly labelled and that the labels accurately reflect the products energy efficiency. Random sampling tests are carried out to ascertain whether testing results match the efficiency and rating reported by the manufacturer or importer. Certified items are distributed through various supporting programmes, such as the Voluntary Agreement (VA) programme, Green Energy Family (GEF) programme, and Energy Service Companies (ESCOs).

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