Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2011
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments
Policy Target:Energy Sector
Legal References:Law Decree 99/2009; Legislative Decree 31/2010; Law Decree 34 - 31 March 2011; Decree of the President op the Republic 114 - 18 July 2011 (Popular Referendum of 12-13 June 2011)

After the Fukushima nuclear accident (Japan, 11 March 2011), a strong opposition to the national nuclear programme led to a popular referendum: key legislation about the nuclear energy production in Italy were abrogated.

Through Law Decree 34/2011 the Governmente had already suspended (moratorium) the effects of the Legislative Decree 31/2010 for one year, and as a consequence of the referendum, nuclear plants can no longer be planned, sited or built on the Italian territory.

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