Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2012
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments, Regulatory Instruments>Codes and standards
Policy Target:Buildings
Penalty:Administrative sanctions, e.g. not issuing Building Construction License (IMB) and / or Certificate of Feasible Function (SLF).

The Governor Regulation of DKI Jakarta No. 38/2012 on Green Buildings regulates the planning, construction, utilization, maintenance, and deconstruction of buildings in Jakarta. It focuses on energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor air quality, waste and soil treatment, and construction activities.

The Regulations apply to specific building sizes and types:

  • Apartment buildings, office buildings, trade buildings, and buildings which have more than one function within one building, with floor space larger than 50,000 m2;
  • Buildings for business, hotel, social and cultural functions, and health care buildings with floor size greater than 20,000 m2;
  • Buildings for social and cultural functions, educational service buildings, with floor size greater than 10,000 m2.


New buildings must consider:

  • Energy efficiency: efficiency of the building veil systems, ventilation systems, air systems, lighting systems, building transportation systems, and electrical systems.
  • Water efficiency: planning of water-saving sanitary equipment and planning of the use of water.
  • Indoor air quality.
  • Land and waste management: requirements regarding spatial landscape planning on the inside and outside of the building and planning of rainwater reservoir systems, supporting facilities, and solid and liquid waste management.
  • Implementation of construction activities: safety, work health and environment, water conservation when conducting the construction activities, and the management of hazardous and toxic waste in construction activities.


Existing buildings (buildings under construction and/or already in use) must consider:

  • Conservation and energy efficiency;
  • Conservation and water efficiency;
  • Indoor air quality and thermal comfort; and
  • Operational management / maintenance.
25 Energy Efficiency Recommendations Applied:Buildings, Buildings, Improved energy efficiency in existing buildings, Buildings, Energy performance of building components and systems
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