Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2009
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments, Policy Support
Policy Target:
Agency:MPP & Power Department, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh

1. Mandatory use of CFLs T-5(28 watt) tube lights for all consumers in industrial, commercial, non domestic, non commercial and institutional sectors having connected load of 20 kilo Watt or above.\\nAll state/Centre Govt. offices and State/Central Public Sector Undertaking Institutions/ establishments located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, the use o CFLs and/or Light Emitting Diode(LED) lamps shall be mandatory.\\n2. Mandatory Use of Energy Efficient Street Lights: In all existing and new colonies and urban areas notified by the urban areas notified by the Urban Local Bodies Department, Himachal Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation Industrial Estates, Housing Complexes, Colonies and Townships developed by privates/ semi government / autonomous institutions shall use energy efficient street lighting fixtures using T-5 tube lights Emitting Diode (LED) Lamps/Low Pressure Sodium Vapour (LPSV)/High Pressure Sodium Vapour (HPSV)/induction are lamps, Solar street lights.\\n3. Mandatory Use of Solar Water Heating System: Industries where hot water is required for processing, All Govt./Pvt. 50 bedded & above Hospitals and Nursing Homes, Hotels/Motels with 15 rooms or more and Banquet Halls, Jails New Housing Complexes/Colonies set up by Group Housing Societies/HIMUDA/Govt. and Pvt Builders. And All residential Schools/ College Hostels/ Technical / Vocational Education Institutes, District Institutes of Education and Training (DIETs) and Universities etc.\\n4. Optional Use of Solar Water Heating Systems- All residential buildings built on a plot size of 500 square yards and above falling within the limits of municipal committees/ corporations and Himachal Urban Development Authority Sectors.\\n5. Mandatory Use of ISI/BIS merked Motor pumps sets, Power Capacitors , Foot/Reflex valves in agriculture Sectors.\\n6. Promotion of Energy Efficient Building Design: New buildings to be constructed in the Govt./ Govt. Aided Sectors will incorporate energy efficient building design concepts including Renewable Energy Technologies with effect from 1/4/2010. PWD or similar wing/cells of other departments/Corporations will ensure the incorporation of energy efficient building design concepts in buildings to be constructed in future in the Govt./ Govt. Aided Sectors.

25 Energy Efficiency Recommendations Applied:Industry, Buildings, Appliances and equipment

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