Country:European Union
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2006
Policy Type:Policy Support>Strategic planning, Policy Support, Information and Education>Advice/Aid in Implementation, Policy Support>Institutional creation
Policy Target:
Agency:European Commission
Legal References:IP/06/226
Description:As a follow-up to the Communication on Industrial Policy of October 2005, the European Commission has launched a new High Level Group (HLG) on Competitiveness, Energy and the Environment. Before 2008, the HLG aims to foster closer coordination between policy and legislative initiatives and to contribute to creating a more stable and predictable regulatory framework. It explores ways to unleash the growth potential of basic and intermediate product industries by further integrating competitiveness, energy and environmental policies. The group examines the links between industrial, energy and environmental policies to make sure that initiatives in each area are mutually compatible. It also looks for opportunities in sustainable development and competitiveness. The High Level Group will provide advice for action, in particular, in connection with the following issues: - the functioning of energy markets, particularly the electricity and gas markets; - climate change, particularly the emissions trading scheme, energy-efficiency and renewables, including energy taxation and removal of harmful subsidies; - the implementation of DG Environment?s thematic strategy on the prevention and recycling of waste and related legislation; - improvement of resource efficiency; - the development and uptake of environmental and other innovative technologies; - concrete implementation of better regulation principles Each member of the High Level Group will nominate a personal representative to a so-called ?sherpa? sub-group?, which will prepare the discussions, position papers and advice for actions and/or policy measures. It will work in close contact with the Commission services. To address specific questions and feed its reflections, the HLG will seek expertise or contributions from ad-hoc groups. The High Level Group will be co-chaired by the Commissioners for Enterprise and Industry, Environment, Competition and Energy, according to the subjects being addressed and on the basis of a revolving chairmanship.

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