Country:European Union
Policy status:Ended
Date Effective:2006
Policy Type:Policy Support
Policy Target:
Agency:European Commission, DG Energy and Transport
Legal References:COM (2006) 105 final of 8 March 2006

Supporting research and development. The Biofuels Strategy is meant to help Member States achieve the 2010 target of 5.75% market share for biofuels in the overall transport fuel supply, established in the 2003 Biofuels Directive. To this end, the Strategy also puts forth several possible measures to encourage biofuels. - a 2006 revision of the Biofuels Directive might include mandatory biofuel targets for the member states; - second-generation biofuels (e.g. from wood) will be promoted; - biofuel use might count towards CO2 emission reduction targets for the transport sector; - appropriate environmental standards to ensure the sustainability of biofuel feedstock cultivation in and outside the EU to be developed; - an ad hoc group might be set up to consider the production of biomass and biofuels in national rural development programmes; - a forestry action plan to be developed in 2006 could include special measures for the production of material for second-generation biofuels; - for trade, a code for biofuels to be developed; - development of a biofuel assistance package for developing countries; - more research into the bio-refinery concept and further development of an industry-led biofuel technology platform. In 2006, such follow-up entailed the review of the Biofuels Directive, a proposal for the revision of the Fuel Quality Directive; and a review of the implementation of the energy crop premium introduced by the 2003 CAP reform.

This record supersedes:Directive on Biofuels for Transport (2003/30/EC)

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