Country:European Union
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2005
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments, Policy Support, Policy Support>Strategic planning
Policy Target:Framework/ Multi-sectoral Policy
Agency:European Commission, DG Energy and Transport
Legal References:COM (2005) 659 final
Description:Assessing the first four years of the EUs Sustainable Development Strategy, the Commissionss 13 December 2005 review outlines a number of specific initiatives for the Strategys next half-decade. Among them: -measures to encourage the development of sustainable products such as cleaner and more efficient cars and the use of renewable energy sources and hydrogen; -international cooperation to cut greenhouse gas emissions beyond exisiting commitments up to 2012; -an energy efficiency action plan; -review of the EUs Emissions Trading Scheme to consider its extension, for example to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases from aviation and maritime transport; -better coordination and delivery of development aid and stronger EU leadership on global sustainable development. To guage progress in these areas, Commission will submit a report every two years.

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