Country:European Union
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2004
Policy Type:Policy Support
Policy Target:
Agency:European Commission, DG Environment
Legal References:Communication COM(2004)60 ?Towards a Thematic Strategy on the Urban Environment?
Description:On 11 January 2004, the European Commission adopted Communication COM(2004)60 “Towards a Thematic Strategy on the Urban Environment” which sets out the Commissions ideas for the Thematic Strategy on the Urban Environment due in summer 2005. The Communication sets out the problems and challenges facing Europes urban areas, focusing on 4 priority themes. These themes are urban environmental management, urban transport, sustainable construction and urban design. The strategy will help Member States and local authorities meet demanding environmental requirements, such as reducing their greenhouse gases emissions. It will achieve these aims by developing an integrated framework for tackling the different issues which affect the urban environment. Key elements of this framework could be the development and implementation of urban environmental management plans and sustainable urban transport plans by the 500 largest towns and cities in the EU 25.

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