Country:European Union
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2001
Policy Type:Policy Support
Policy Target:
Agency:European Commission, DG Energy and Transport
Description:In June 1999 the European Commission presented a new Communication: "A Dynamic Alternative in a Sustainable Transport Chain" [COM (99) 317 final] which proposed ways of promoting short sea shipping in the Community as an environment-friendly and safe alternative, in particular, to congested road transport. Short sea shipping should become an integral part of the logistic transport chain and a genuine door-to-door service. The expected shift of transport from road to waterways is an important contribution to curbing the growth of CO2 emissions from the road sector. The Commission is taking a number of steps, such as the examination of existing documentary and administrative procedures, to see whether they create a barrier to the development of short sea shipping, and if so, how this obstacle can be removed. In this context, 2001 saw the adoption by the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers of a directive for the simplification of reporting formalities for ships that call at EU ports. Problems involving bottlenecks at ports are addressed, and the Commission encourages regional exchanges of information and co-operation, as well as giving financial support to the creation and activities of short sea shipping promotion offices in the member States. In addition, the former PACT programme and the future (2003) Marco Polo programme have encouraged and will continue to encourage short sea shipping as part of intermodal transport, reducing reliance on road transport and hence emissions. All these activities are firmly rooted in the Communitys Transport Policy White Paper of September 2001.

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