Country:European Union
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2000
Policy Type:Voluntary Approaches
Policy Target:
Agency:European Commission, DG Environment
Legal References:Commission recommendation on the reduction of CO2 emissions from passenger cars - Official Journal L 40, 13.2.1999; Bulletin EU 1/2-1999

In April 2000, the European Commission formally adopted a carbon dioxide reduction agreement reached with groups representing the Korean and Japanese automobile manufacturers that formalises a voluntary agreement negotiated over the past two years. The agreement requires that all Japanese- and Korean-manufactured cars sold in Europe emit no more than 140 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre as of 2009. It is equivalent to the voluntary agreement signed with the European Automobile Manufacturers Association in 1998. This negotiated approach will ensure that, based on 1995 levels, the fuel consumption of all auto imports from the two Asian countries will drop by approximately 2% annually, which is equal to about 4 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre per year. Moreover, indicative interim targets for 2003/2004 have been set.

This record supersedes:Agreement with Korean and Japanese Carmakers

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