Country:European Union
Policy status:Ended
Date Effective:2000
Policy Type:
Policy Target:Multi-Sectoral Policy
Agency:European Commission, DG Energy and Transport

The European Commission presented the communication "Energy Efficiency in the EU - Towards a Strategy for the Rational Use of Energy" [COM 98(246)] in 1999. The action plan includes a target of 1% annual improvement in energy efficiency above the "business as usual" scenario. The communication was welcomed and accepted in 1999 by a council and parliament resolution backing initiatives to further improve energy efficiency standards. In April 2000, the European Commission proposed an energy efficiency plan that includes a call for new voluntary agreements in a range of sectors such as steel, paper, cement and textile, similar to the one recently agreed to by automobile manufacturers regarding carbon dioxide emissions and cars. Some of the other measures outlined in the proposed energy efficiency action plan are as follows: increased consumer information via labelling and efficiency requirements on household appliances and commercial and other end-use equipment; co-ordinated EU action plans for long-term agreements with industry; an amendment to directive 93/76/EEC dealing with better energy certification for insulation standards and boiler inspections; establishment of EU-wide energy audits; and improvement in monitoring and evaluation.

This record is superseded by:Green Paper on Energy Efficiency
This record supersedes:Towards a Strategy for Rational Use of Energy

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