Country:European Union
Policy status:Superseded
Date Effective:2000
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments
Agency:European Commission, DG Energy and Transport
Climate Change Description:

The European Commission has presented a draft directive on the Promotion of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources in May 2000. This proposal for a directive requires the 15 member States to set and meet national indicative targets for the consumption of electricity from renewable energy sources consistent with reference values set out in the annex to the directive and the climate change commitments accepted by the Community pursuant to Kyoto. The European Parliament stated its opinion on the proposal for a directive on 16 November 2000. While favouring the Commissions general approach, the Parliament suggested amendments that would ensure that current national support schemes would be protected for at least 10 years from the date the new directive comes into force. Other amendments seek to widen the definition of "renewable energy sources". Following the European Parliaments opinion of 16 November 2000, the Commission adopted an amended proposal for a directive on 28 December 2000. This amended proposal allows the decomposition of the biodegradable fraction of separated municipal wastes to be recognised as a renewable source of energy, however it does not include peat, as the European Parliament had also wanted.

This record is superseded by:Directive 2009/28/EC on the Promotion of Electricity Produced from Renewable Energy Sources
This record supersedes:Proposal for EU Directive on Renewables

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