Year:2006 (Jul 31st)
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2006 (Jul 31st)
Date Amended:

2009 (Dec 24th) - Resolution 2604

Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments
Renewable Energy Policy Targets:Bioenergy
Policy Sector:Transport
Legal References:Law 1083, Resolution 2604
Renewable Energy Description:

Law 1083 of 2006 mandates that after 2010, all public transport vehicles in metropolitan, disctrict and local-level areas must run on clean fuels.


2009 (Dec 24th) - Resolution 2604 defines clean fuels, including hydrogen, natural gas, LPG, low sulphur diesel, reformulated gasoline, and mixes with biodiesel that does not exceed 50 ppm Sulfur content.

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