Policy status:In Force
Policy Type:
Energy Efficiency Policy Targets:Buildings, Building Type, Residential, Lighting, Residential, Residential Appliances, Space heating, Residential Appliances, Space cooling, Residential Appliances, Ventilation, Energy Utilities, Electricity, Generation
Agency:Yukon Housing Corporation
Energy Efficiency Description:

This program provides homeowners with an opportunity to borrow up to $35,000 to repair their principal residence. A technical officer will assess the home and provide a list of eligible repair/upgrade options. Loans under this program are amortized over 12 years at a reduced interest rate.Suggested projects for a Home Repair Loan include:

  • Heating system repairs and upgrades to improve safety, efficiency and comfort, and also to replace leak-prone steel fuel tanks or masonry chimneys; 
  • Improve energy efficiency with improved insulation, upgraded windows and doors.

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