Year:2005 (last updated 2017)
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2005 (last updated 2017)
Date Amended:





Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments>Other mandatory requirements, Regulatory Instruments
Policy Target:Transport
Agency:National Petroleum Agency; Mines and Energy Ministry;
Legal References:Law No. 11.097; Medida Provisoria N 647, 28 May 2014;

In 2005, Brazils Mines and Energy Ministry enacted a law establishing the requirement for B2 biodiesel - a mix of vegetable oil and sugar-cane ethanol with 98% standard diesel. The law was designed to stimulate the market for renewable, clean burning fuel. The B2 biodiesel requirement went into effect and became mandatory as of 1 January 2008. While in 2007 many gas stations began offering B2 biodiesel, all stations now offer only B2 biodiesel. The requirement was modified in March 2008, and as of 1 July 2008, the requirement is that all diesel contain 3% rather than 2% biofuel (B3 biodiesel). The mandatory biodiesel blending content was increased as of July 2009 to 4%, and further to 5% (B5 biodiesel) as of January 2010. The B5 biodiesel requirement is being implemented three years ahead of its scheduled implementation date of 2012 as per the 2005 law.

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