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TitleCountryYearPolicy StatusPolicy TypePolicy Target
Abu Dhabi Lighting StandardUnited Arab Emirates2012In Force Regulatory Instruments, Codes and standards, Sectoral standards Lighting
Water Efficiency in AgricultureUnited Arab Emirates2011In Force Economic Instruments, Regulatory Instruments, Information and Education Multi-Sectoral Policy
Dubai Energy Efficiency TargetUnited Arab Emirates2011In Force Information and Education, Economic Instruments, Policy Support, Regulatory Instruments Multi-Sectoral Policy, Buildings, Building Code, Transport, Transport systems
Landscaping StandardsUnited Arab Emirates2011In Force Regulatory Instruments, Obligation schemesĀ  Multi-Sectoral Policy
Public and Freight TransportUnited Arab EmiratesIn Force Economic Instruments, Direct investment, Infrastructure investments Transport
Recycled Water InfrastructureUnited Arab EmiratesIn Force Economic Instruments Energy Utilities
National Energy Efficient Appliance StandardsUnited Arab EmiratesIn Force Information and Education, Performance Label, Comparison label, Regulatory Instruments, Codes and standards, Product standards Residential Appliances, Space cooling
Green Building CodesUnited Arab EmiratesIn Force Regulatory Instruments, Codes and standards Buildings, Building Code