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The OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin, brought to you by the Secretariat of the International Energy Agency (IEA), focuses on the latest activities and findings from the IEA Energy Technology Network. At the heart of this network are the Implementing Agreements (IAs), a co-operative group of experts who come together to share research and best practice and whose technology-related activities support energy security, economic growth, environmental protection and engagement worldwide.

December 2012


  • The Past and Future Cost of Wind Energy. The future of wind power will depend a great deal on the ability of the industry to continue to achieve cost of energy reductions.  This summary report, developed as part of Task 26 of the Wind Implementing Agreement (Wind IA), provides a review of historical costs, evaluates near-term market trends, reviews the methods used to estimate long-term cost trajectories, and summarises the range of costs projected for onshore wind energy across any array of forward-looking studies and scenarios.  It also highlights high-level market variables that have influenced wind energy costs in the past and are expected to do so into the future.  Visit the Wind IA home page to access other recent reports. 
  • Effects of penetration of emerging DER technologies. Task 17 of the Demand-Side Management Implementing Agreement (DSM IA) has recently released 8 reports dealing with the effects of the penetration of emerging DER technologies to different stakeholders and to the whole electricity system. The emerging DER technologies discussed include reports on plug-in electric and hybrid electric vehicles, different types of heat pumps for heating and cooling, photovoltaic at customer premises, micro-CHP at customer premises and smart metering. Separate reports describe stakeholders involved in the deployment of micro-generation and new end-use technologies, and the assessment of the quantitative effects on power systems and stakeholders  (case studies from Austria and Finland). The summary, conclusions and recommendations for future work are given in the final report of this Phase 2 of Task 17.  All reports can be accessed on the DSM IA home page.
  • Designing better energy efficiency policies. The Efficient Electrical End-Use Equipment programme (4E IA) has now published 12 Policy Briefs containing up to the minute international comparisons of product performance. Based on 4E’s unique access to data and information on policy implementation through our member governments, the two-page Policy Briefs reveal insights into what policy approaches work and how to design and implement better energy efficiency policies. Inter-laboratory tests on Solid State Lighting is the subject of another new report from 4E, conducted as the first stage towards the establishment of global proficiency testing for LED lights.  This comparison, amongst four of the world's leading laboratories based in Japan, Europe, China and the USA, confirms their ability to make accurate measurements and paves the way for up to 150 laboratories to benchmark their performance against these nucleus testing centres. Laboratories wishing to participate in 4E's proficiency testing program can apply here
  • Securing the supply chains of solar PV and wind power.  Renewable energy offers numerous potential benefits and increasing efforts are devoted to supporting its deployment.  However, serious constraints have been identified along the supply chain preventing deployment at the rate required to meet global energy and climate objectives.  The RE-SUPPLY study, commissioned by the Renewable Energy Technology Deployment Implementing Agreement (RETD IA) explains current and potential bottlenecks in the global supply chains for wind and solar photovoltaic energies, and recommends vital and often urgent steps that decision makers need to take to avoid these.   More…


  • Environmental Impacts and Monitoring of Wind Energy Projects Offshore and on Land is the focus of a new Task 34 from the Wind Implementing Agreement (Wind IA).  One of several aims of this project is to produce a research compendium of publicly available data on impacts.  For further information contact Karin Sinclair.
  • The Economic Community of West African States Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) has become a Sponsor in the Solar Heating and Cooling Implementing Agreement (SHC IA).
  • The Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (“KETEP”), has become a Contracting Party in the Advanced Motor Fuels Implementing Agreement  (AMF IA).
  • The ITER International Fusion Energy Organization (ITER) has become a Contracting Party in the Implementing Agreement for Co-operation on Tokamak Programmes (CTP IA).  
  • BlueScope Steel has become a Sponsor in the Industrial Energy-Related Technologies and Systems (IETS IA). 
  • The National Renewable Energy Centre (NAREC) of the United Kingdom has become a Contracting Party in the Wind Implementing Agreement (WIND IA).
  • The National Energy Research Institute (NERI) of New Zealand has become a Contracting Party in the Demand-Side Management Implementing Agreement (DSM IA).
  • The Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute of China has become a Sponsor in the Clean Coal Centre Implementing Agreement (CCC IA).  


  • First international conference to focus on solar heating and cooling and solar buildings.  Weiner Weiss, Chair of the Solar Heating and Cooling Implementing Agreement (SHC IA), talks about why the SHC IA opted to hold its own event earlier this year. More…
  • New small hydro international gateway website launched.  Annex II of the Hydropower IA  has launched its newSmall Hydro International Gateway website.  Completely redesigned and updated, it offers the small hydro community a portal for presenting state-of-the-art innovative technologies, and a forum for resource, technological and regulatory Issues related to small scale hydropower.
  • Communication best-practice strategies for renewable energies.  As part of its RE-COMMUNICATE project, the Renewable Energy Technology Deployment IA (RETD IA) joined with a number of other partners at a recent November workshop in Brussels to focus on the challenges for developing successful communication strategies for the renewable energy sector.  Presentations are now available for download on the RETD IA workshop page.
  • Clean-energy workshop fosters co-operation among IEA non-member countries in Asia.  Asian strategists on clean energy shared experiences and best practice this month at an IEA workshop hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology designed to foster regional co-operation among emerging and developing countries.  Workshop participants examined the latest research, development and applications of clean energy systems, from quality of fuels to individual countries’ cultural aspects of energy use.  Access workshop presentations.
  • Latest research and development on heat pump technologies.  Learn about the work and visions of ongoing and planned projects from the Heat Pump Programme (HPT IA).  Access presentations given at the recent HPP Symposium held during the 2012 Chillventa Congressing Day.
  • Policy Instruments to Support RE Industrial Value Chain Development.  The Renewable Energy Technology Deployment IA (RETD IA) has launched a request for proposals to carry out a study on the possible instruments to optimally support the renewable energy (RE) industrial value chain.  The study aims to assess a basket of cross-cutting policy instruments (innovation, labour, industrial, finance, experts, etc.) which could complement the currently used set of RE policies, in order to enable countries to maximise the economic benefits of the further development of the RE industry.  More...  


Latest newsletters from IEA energy technology programmes:


Latest annual reports from IEA programmes:


  • International Process Integration Jubilee Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden, 18-20 March 2013.  A unique event for all those interested in industrial energy systems and their possible future role in achieving a more sustainable society, i.e. the industrial process and energy R&D community, decision makers in industry and society as well as policy makers.  Visit the IETS IA website or download the first announcement flyer.
  • SHC 2013: Freiburg, Germany, 23-25 September 2013.  SHC 2013 will be the second edition of this new series of annual scientific conferences on solar heating and cooling and offers a unique platform for the international solar thermal community.  In addition to key technical topics, the conference will also address market and policy issues from an international perspective.  Abstracts may be submitted through the conference website
  • EEMODS'13: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 28-30 October 2013. The international conference on energy efficiency in motor driven systems EEMODS'13 will be held from 28 to 30 October 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The deadline for submitting abstracts is 17 December 2012. 
  • 11th IEA Heat Pump Conference, Montréal, Canada, 13-15 May 2014.  The call for papers for this event is now open and abstracts may be submitted through the conference website until 15 April 2013.

IEA international collaborative energy technology R&D programmes (also known as Implementing Agreements) function within a framework created by the International Energy Agency (IEA). Views, findings and publications of these programmes do not necessarily represent the views or policies of the IEA Secretariat or of all its individual member countries.

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