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OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin

The OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin, brought to you by the Secretariat of the International Energy Agency (IEA), focuses on the latest activities and findings from the IEA energy technology network. At the heart of this network are the Implementing Agreements (IAs), a co-operative group of experts who come together to share research and best practice and whose technology-related activities support energy security, economic growth, environmental protection and engagement worldwide.



  • ETDEWEB energy database opens access to all. Recognising the value of information sharing to the advancement of energy science and technology, the membership of the Energy Technology Data Exchange Implementing Agreement (ETDE IA) has granted open free access to the ETDE World Energy Base database (ETDEWEB), the best single resource for energy-related research and policy information with almost 5 million citations and over half a million PDFs now freely available for viewing.  Stay tuned for additional ETDE news in 2014 with the development of, a planned federated search across multiple countries' and organisations' energy-related repositories and websites. Press release
  • Energy Technology Initiatives 2013 - Implementation through multilateral co-operation.  This recently-released IEA publication, Energy Technology Initiatives 2013 highlights the most significant recent achievements of the IEA Implementing Agreements (IAs).  At the core of the IEA energy technology network, IAs provide a flexible mechanism for governments, industries and businesses, and international and non-governmental organisations, to leverage resources and multiply the results of research thus facilitating the entry of new and improved energy technologies into the marketplace. 
  • Electric Vehicles - Smart Grid integration: Following the request by energy ministers at the 4th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) in April 2013, representatives from the Electrical Vehicles Initiative (EVI) and the ISGAN IA recently held a joint workshop in Barcelona on Integrating Electrical Vehicles into the Grid. The purpose of the workshop, attended by representatives from 13 countries and the private sector, was to enhance mutual understanding of EV-smart grid interface and identify scope for future collaboration between the two initiatives. The next step will be to continue working with the ISGAN IA Annex 6 (in charge of EV work and co-operation), and to produce a background paper for CEM-5 (mid-May 2014 in Seoul), ahead of a potential roundtable on this topic.   
  • New Technologies in the Energy Industry - from Vision to Reality was the title of Session 3 at the recent Kazenergy Eurasian Forum held in Astana, Kazakhstan, 8-9 October. The session was jointly organised by the IEA and included presentations from the IEA and its Working Party on Fossil Fuels, the Advanced Motor Fuels IA and the PVPS IA.  Presentations downloadable from the Forum website.


  • The Heat Pump Programme (HPT IA) is seeking nominations for the Peter Ritter von Rittinger award. First presented in 2005, this honour goes to deserving individuals or teams who have achieved distinction in the advancement of heat pumping technologies, applications, market development and management or organisation of activities with lasting international impact. Nominations close 1 March 2014.  Visit the HPT IA website for more information.   
  • Heat Pumps for Cold Climates is the feature article in the latest issue of the HPC Newsletter, specifically focusing on the growth of frost crystals on heat exchangers as one of the inherent problems of air-source heat pumps in cold climates.  Other articles in this issue include the continuation of the review article on refrigeration charge reduction, and an overview of the European Heat Pump Summit Symposium. There is also a market report from South Korea. The full HPC Newsletter is free for readers in HPT IA member countries. Visit the website for more information.
  • 11th IEA Heat Pump Conference, Montreal, Canada, 13-15 May 2014.  Prior to the conference itself, a number of the Heat Pump Programme (HPT IA) Annexes will also hold a half- or full-day workshop on 12 May. Registrants to the conference will have full access to these Annex workshops as part of their registration. By mid-December, a preliminary program, including description of the Annex workshops, will be available on the conference website
  • Energy in Buildings and Communities Programme Annual Report 2012.  It has been a busy year for the EBC IA with the creation of a new name (EBC was previously known as ECBCS), a new logo and website, and new-look reports.  This most recent Annual Report includes progress updates on three new and ten ongoing research projects.
  • EBC News, November 2013, from the Buildings and Communities IA.
  • Load Down, September 2013, from the 4E Standby Power Annex.




  • IA-HEV Outlook 2013: Success factors for hybrid and electric vehicle deployment. The outlook for 2013 into 2014 examines the factors that need to be in place for hybrid and electric vehicles to succeed in becoming a significant part of the transportation system. An overview of financial incentives for electric mobility available in HEV IA member countries is included.  Also from the HEV IA is the IA-HEV Annual Report Over 2012 – the Electric Drive Gains Traction which describes the major developments in electric vehicles and hybrids during 2012 in 15 HEV IA member countries in Europe plus Canada and the United States.
  • The Yellow Pages of SOFC Technology, the most recent report from Annex 24 of the Advanced Fuel Cells Implementing Agreement (AFC IA), examines the international status of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) in 2012-2013.  SOFCs are considered to be an advantageous technology in energy production due to the high fuel conversion efficiency, modular design possibilities and fuel flexibility. 
  • AMFI Newsletter, December 2013, from the Advanced Motor Fuels IA.
  • The Road Ahead, October 2013 from the Hybrid and Electric Vehicles IA.


  • Trends in Photovoltaic Applications 2013. This report from the Photovoltaic Power Systems IA (PVPS IA) provides official data about the photovoltaic market, industry, support policies, research activities and the integration of PV into the power sector in the 23 countries reporting to the PVPS IA, plus a reliable estimate of the other most important PV markets.   
  • IEA Wind Recommended Practice 16: Wind Integration Studies, based on more than 8 years of work, provides research institutes, consultants, and system operators with the best available information on how to perform a wind integration study.   The recommendations will be updated as further work from the Wind IA reveals improved integration study methodologies based on real wind integration experiences.  
  • Long-term R&D needs for wind energy for the time frame 2012-2030 draws upon a 2011 Wind IA Topical Expert Meeting on the subject of long-term R&D needs in which experts were asked to classify research that should produce results in the short-, mid-, and long-term time frame.  The Wind IA will use this document to identify areas for co-operation to mutual advantage and it is hoped that other research organisations will find this document useful in setting their own research agendas to advance wind energy technology.  Also now available is the Wind 2012 Annual Report featuring trend analysis, country reports and updates on current research tasks.  
  • Geothermal Implementing Agreement 2011 Annual Report presents a comprehensive overview of the Geothermal IA collaborative projects, and the current status of geothermal activities in each of the fourteen participating countries and the European Commission. 
  • Hydropower and fish is the subject of a new annex from the Hydropower IA.  The Annex will examine ways different countries manage fish issues in the development of new hydropower projects, how different regulating agencies promulgate the management of fish at existing dams, socio and economic factors, and a variety of other topical issues.   A kick-off workshop will take place in Trondheim, Norway, on 2-4 December.  For more information contact the Hydropower IA
  • Global Status and Critical Developments in Ocean Energy. Intended as an authoritative reference on developments in ocean energy, this publication from the Ocean Energy Systems IA (OES IA) brings together five years’ worth of invited articles by industry experts taken from the OES IA Annual Reports since 2008.   
  • OES Bulletin, November 2013, from the Ocean Energy Systems IA
  • IEAHIA News, Summer 2013, from the Hydrogen IA.
  • IEA Bioenergy News, December 2013. 


  • IEA CHP/DHC Collaborative update. Initiated in 2007, the IEA CHP/DHC Collaborative has the goal of accelerating deployment of cost‐effective, clean CHP and efficient DHC technologies. In 2013, the Collaborative released new Country Scorecards on Japan, Finland and Korea, analysing national markets, policies, and strategies for encouraging CHP and DHC deployment. Upcoming publications for 2014 include several additional Country Scorecards, including India, as well as the CHP and DHC solutions for a clean energy system report, which will analyse key barriers to development and policy needs in three areas: technology selection based on environmental, technical and economical benefits, financing mechanisms and business models used. The report will discuss the role that these technologies can play in a low-carbon energy system, and includes a compendium of illustrative case studies of CHP and efficient DHC applications.  More information about the Collaborative and PDF copies of its publications are available on the IEA website.
  • Energy Efficiency Market Report provides a practical basis for understanding energy efficiency market activities, a review of the methodological and practical challenges associated with measuring the market and its components, and statistical analysis of energy efficiency and its impact on energy demand. It also highlights a specific technology sector in which there is significant energy efficiency market activity, in this instance appliances and ICT. The report presents a selection of country case studies that illustrate current energy efficiency markets in specific sectors, and how they may evolve in the medium term. Executive Summary.
  • The recently released World Energy Outlook 2013 covers the prospects for all energy sources, regions and sectors to 2035. Oil is analysed in-depth: resources, production, demand, refining and international trade. Energy efficiency – a major factor in the global energy balance – is treated in much the same way as conventional fuels: its prospects and contribution are presented in a dedicated chapter. The report also examines the outlook for Brazil’s energy sector in detail and the implications for the global energy landscape. More...


  • The European Copper Institute has become a Sponsor in the Solar Heating and Cooling IA (SHC IA).
  • Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (Korea) has become a Contracting Party in the Environmental, Safety and Economic Aspects of Fusion Power IA (ESEFP IA).
  • University College London (United Kingdom) has become a Contracting Party in the Energy in Buildings and Communities IA (EBC IA).
  •  Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) has become a Contracting Party in the Advanced Materials for Transportation IA (AMT IA).
  • China National Petroleum Company (CNPC) has become a Contracting Party in the Enhanced Oil Recovery IA (EOR IA).
  • Research Council of Norway has become Contracting Party in the Solar Heating and Cooling IA (SHC IA).
  • Hydro Tasmania (Australia) has become a Contracting Party in the Hydropower IA.
  • Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) has become a Contracting Party in the Geothermal IA

IEA international collaborative energy technology R&D programmes (also known as Implementing Agreements) function within a framework created by the International Energy Agency (IEA). Views, findings and publications of these programmes do not necessarily represent the views or policies of the IEA Secretariat or of all its individual member countries.

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