The breadth and coverage of analytical expertise in the IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs) are unique assets that underpin IEA efforts to support innovation for energy security, economic growth and environmental protection. The 38 TCPs operating today involve about 6 000 experts from government, industry and research organisations in more than 50 countries1.

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The OPEN Bulletin Technology Spotlight zooms in on a particularly interesting outcome reported by one of the 38 IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes.  

Advancing women's leadership in clean energy 

A new IEA Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) that will seek to promote leadership roles for women in clean energy, was announced at the 8th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) meeting in Beijing recently. The Clean Energy Education and Empowerment TCP (C3E TCP), which builds on the successful C3E initiative created by CEM member governments in 2010, will provide an international platform that aims to raise awareness, share best practices, establish a network for information exchange and commit to action across borders so that more women are encouraged and empowered to become leaders in clean energy. Sweden and Canada are founding country members while Chile, Finland and the United Arab Emirates are considing participation. 

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Cross-Cutting End-Use: Transport
End-Use: Buildings Fossil Fuels
End-Use: Electricity Renewable Energy & Hydrogen
End-Use: Industry Fusion Power

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