IEA in the news

IEA in the news

European jobs at risk as shale boom lowers U.S. fuel prices: IEA Chief Economist

Bloomberg, 17 July 2014

Lower U.S. fuel prices because of the shale-gas boom are prompting manufacturers of petrochemicals, aluminum, fertilizers and plastics to leave Europe, IEA Chief Economist Fatih Birol told the CBI Energy Conference 2014 in London on 17 July, Bloomberg reported. “Many petrochemicals companies in central Europe are moving out,” the financial news service quoted him as saying. “Thirty million jobs are in danger.”

Reuters interviews IEA Executive Director on energy policy

Reuters, 15 July 2014

Reuters conducted what it called a wide-ranging interview on energy policy with IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven on 15 July. Explaining the mission of the IEA, she told the global news service: "It's our work to raise issues. And ask questions and also urge countries to think about these issues because they have to find an answer." 

IEA Executive Director warns that U.S energy may not be “as secure as we think”

Fuel Fix, 14 July 2014

IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven told the annual U.S. Energy Information Administration conference that despite talk of a golden age of American energy security, the situation may not be “as secure as we think”, Fuel Fix reported on 14 July. “Although things look bright, there’s no time for complacency,” she said, noting the challenges tied to climate change and the increasing role of gas as a source of U.S. electricity.

IEA division Head reassures ABC viewers on Iraq fighting's immediate impact on oil supply

ABC News, 13 June 2014

The US television network news programme Morning Money Memo turned to IEA Oil Markets & Industry Division Head Antoine Halff for an expert view on the impact of the advances by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militants in Iraq on the global oil situation. "There is no immediate, tangible impact on supply," he reassured viewers. "But it raises many questions for the future."

The Guardian cites "the world’s gold standard for energy research" on investment

The Guardian, 3 June 2014

The Guardian reported in-depth on the findings and recommendations of the World Energy Investment Outlook, including how the special report for the World Energy Outlook 2014 sees need for greater outlays in low-carbon infrastructure. Quoting IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven as to how investment is critical to maintaining the energy system's reliability and sustainability, the British newspaper noted that the IEA is "the world’s gold standard for energy research".

Bloomberg reports IEA outlook for new spending in energy system

Bloomberg, 2 June 2014

Bloomberg was among the first news agencies to summarise the findings of the IEA special report World Energy Investment Outlook. "Meeting the world’s energy supply needs by 2035 will require USD 40 trillion of investment, as demand grows and production and processing facilities have to be replaced", its report started, with over half of that compensating for declining output at mature oil and gas fields and the rest going to finding new supplies to meet rising demand. The IEA "advises 29 of the most industrialized nations on energy policy", Bloomberg said about the report, the first public release from the World Energy Outlook 2014, which will be published on 12 November.