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IEA in the news

IEA in the news

IEA review of Indonesia policies finds that despite a need for investment, "the news is not dire"

Power Engineering International , 17 February 2015

Indonesia faces a variety of barriers to investment, Power Engineering International quoted IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven as saying at the launch of the IEA review of the country's energy policies. But the article, also carried by the affiliated news service PennEnergy, added that "the news is not dire", citing the IEA review on such advances as increased electrification but most of all fuel-subsidy reform, "a powerful sign of change". 

Statement from US Energy Secretary on selection of next IEA Executive Director

US Department of Energy via EIN News, 13 February 2015

Following the announcement that the IEA Governing Board had selected Chief Economist Fatih Birol to be Executive Director starting 1 September 2015, US Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz issued a statement reading: "As the new Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, Dr. Fatih Birol is an ideal candidate to lead the Agency in a time of global energy transformation. His deep knowledge of energy markets, global energy forecasts, and climate change mitigation and adaptation challenges have made him an internationally known leader in the energy field. I spoke with Fatih and both congratulated him and thanked him for taking on this important responsibility. ... I also take this opportunity to thank Maria van der Hoeven for her successful leadership of the IEA. Under her guidance, the IEA has continued to grow in stature as an indispensable part of the global energy security and climate discussions."

"Almost racy" IEA findings posit US unconventional oil as new swing producer

Argus, 11 February 2015

"Maria van der Hoeven’s presentation of the Medium-Term Oil Market Report (MTOMR) yesterday was almost racy, by the yardstick of IEA events anyway." So opens an insightful OilBlog report by the energy news organisation Argus that describes how the IEA Executive Director revealed, in introducing the Medium-Term Oil Market Report 2015, that light tight oil production from the United States may have effectively become the new swing producer.

Foreign Policy magazine analyses IEA outlook for "radically different oil market"

Foreign Policy, 10 February 2015

In his article "Game Change: U.S. Oil Revolution Has Torn Up the Rule Book", Foreign Policy senior energy reporter Keith Johnson summarises how Medium-Term Oil Market Report 2015 makes clear that "the global oil market revolution, especially in the United States, will not go gently into that good night". "The upshot: generally smooth sailing for the United States, a few years of discomfort for cash-rich oil giants in the Persian Gulf, and years of turmoil, crippled finances, and political instability in petrostates like Venezuela. Russia will be hit hardest, the IEA said."

"IEA sees nuclear power as a stable source of low-carbon power helping to take polluting coal-fired plants offline"

Scientific American, 30 January 2015

Scientific American reprinted a Climate Central report on the findings of the joint IEA-Nuclear Energy Agency Technology Roadmap: Nuclear Energy 2015 Update that focuses on the IEA assessment of the need for nuclear power in a low-carbon energy future that limits climate change. "To accomplish the needed CO2 emissions cuts to keep warming no greater than 2°C, the IEA says global nuclear power generation capacity needs to increase to 930 gigawatts from 396 gigawatts by 2050," Climate Central reported and Scientific American's website broadcast.

IEA research underpins global calculator for tackling climate change

Responding to Climate Change, 28 January 2015

An IEA scenario forms the backdrop for calculating the effects of various policies to limit climate change in the new UK Department of Energy and Climate Change's global calculator tool, the website Responding to Climate Change reports. The global version of the UK's own calculator, which had already been adopted for other countries including China, now allows users to test choices among 14 different policy areas, ranging from meat consumption to car ownership to nuclear energy. The research that determined the IEA 6 Degree Scenario, or 6DS, from the Energy Technology Perspectives series, sets the business-as-usual parameters that users can tweak to test for other outcomes.  

New IEA report on energy decarbonisation is "a major contribution" to reaching climate goals

Clean Technica, 12 January 2015

"With a new report on energy decarbonization, the International Energy Agency has just made a major contribution toward implementing the greenhouse gas reduction agreements outlined at the recent UN climate negotiations in Lima (COP20)," Clean Technica reports. The article summarises Energy, Climate Change and Environment: 2014 Insights, which the online news service says "sorts out current energy decarbonization policy that could help mitigate climate  impacts", including how it "ferrets out the links between air pollution policy and greenhouse gas emissions". Clean Technica's report also highlights the earlier World Energy Outlook special report "Redrawing the Energy-Climate Map" for its recommendations on clean-energy investment and policy for existing "locked-in" high emissions energy infrastructure.