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Release, with webinar, of the IEA publication Technology Roadmap: CCS Update

Paris: 2 July 2013

Webinar starts at 14h Paris time.


CCS involves the implementation of the following processes in an integrated manner: separation of CO2 from mixtures of gases (e.g. the flue gases from a power station) and compression of this CO2 to a liquid-like state; transport of the CO2 to a suitable storage site; and injection of the CO2 into a geologic formation where it is permanently retained and monitored as necessary. The individual component technologies required for capture, transport and storage are generally well understood and, in some cases, technologically mature. The largest challenge for CCS deployment is the integration of component technologies into large-scale demonstration projects. Lack of understanding and acceptance of the technology by the public, as well as some energy and climate stakeholders, also contributes to delays and difficulties in deployment.

Between 2009 when the first IEA Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) roadmap was published, and 2013, the need for CCS has not diminished: the urgency of its deployment has in fact grown.

The IEA is revising the 2009 roadmap to reflect developments in CCS that have occurred over the last four years and to develop a plan of action that fully reflects the current context. Since 2009, CCS technology and supporting policies have progressed, albeit at a slower pace than expected. The goal of this updated CCS roadmap is to describe and analyse actions needed to accelerate CCS deployment to levels that would allow it to fulfil its CO2 emissions reduction potential.