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Launch of Energy Technology Perspectives 2014

Seoul: 12 May 2014

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Energy Technology Perspectives sits at the heart of the International Energy Agency’s work on energy technology and policy. It offers a comprehensive, long-term analysis of trends in the energy sector – and of the technologies that are essential to achieving an affordable, secure and low-carbon energy system.

Starting from the premise that electricity will be an increasingly important component of energy systems of the future, the 2014 edition of Energy Technology Perspectives (ETP 2014) examines in depth what must be done to provide sustainable options for generation, distribution and end-use consumption.

In addition to modelling the global outlook up to the year 2050 under different scenarios, ETP 2014 incorporates the IEA’s annual progress report on global efforts to engineer a clean-energy transformation. Moreover, ETP 2014 provides insight on many key questions about the future energy system, including:

 - How much will the transformation to a clean-energy system cost?

 - Is solar the answer to decarbonising the electricity supply?

 - How can technologies help continue to exploit the advantages of natural gas in a decarbonised energy system?

 - Can electrification have a meaningful impact on transportation, and if so, how?

 - Is energy storage the game changer that many want to believe?

 - What will it take to reach high-efficiency power generation in India?

Since it was first published in 2006, Energy Technology Perspectives has evolved into a series that sets out pathways to a sustainable energy future in which optimal technology choices are driven by cost, energy security and environmental factors.

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