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Launch of Medium-Term Oil Market Report 2014

Paris: 17 June 2014

Time: 11:00


Each year the IEA publishes reports forecasting market trends and developments for the next five years concerning the primary energy sources for global markets: oil, coal, gas and renewables.

The Medium-Term Oil Market Report evaluates the impact of these changes on the global oil systembased on all that we know today – current expectations of economic growth, existing or announced policies and regulations, commercially proven technologies, field decline rates, investment programmes (upstream, midstream and downstream), etc. The five-year forecast period corresponds to the length of the typical investment cycle and as such is critical to policymakers and market participants.

The Medium-Term Oil Market Report is required reading for anyone engaged in policy or investment decision-making in the energy sphere, and those more broadly interested in the oil market and the global economy.

The Medium-Term Oil Market Report (MTOMR) 2014 will be released on 17 June in conjunction with a webinar. The monthly Oil Market Report for June will be released on 13 June and will comprise the usual data and projections through end-2014, but with abridged text.