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IEA Ministerial meeting

Paris: 19 November 2013 - 20 November 2013

Time: 10:00

The biennial meeting to set IEA strategic priorities


Once every two years, ministers from IEA member countries gather for the IEA Ministerial Meeting. This meeting sets broad strategic priorities for the IEA, alongside directions offered at the regular meetings of the Governing Board. Although ministers may instruct the IEA to focus on a specific issue, the direction they provide also comes through the discussions that ensue at these meetings. Through the IEA Ministerial, the IEA Secretariat develops ideas for existing or new work programmes, which it then discusses with member countries in various IEA committees and ultimately presents to the Governing Board for approval. The outcomes of each Ministerial are not fixed; however, some sort of political statement or communiqué is issued.