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Senior staff from the IEA participate in energy-related events all over the world, such as the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Click on the links below to find out more about our participation in each of these events.

Launch of Capturing the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency: Measuring the positive impacts 9 September 2014 Berlin Launch of World Energy Outlook 2014 Special Report on Energy Sector Investment 3 June 2014 London Launch of Medium-Term Oil Market Report 2014 17 June 2014 Webinar Release of Oil Market Report for June 13 June 2014 Paris Launch of Medium-Term Gas Market Report 2014 10 June 2014 Montreal Launch of Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2014 28 August 2014 Webinar / teleconference Launch of Energy Policies of IEA Countries - Netherlands 2014 Review 22 April 2014 The Hague Launch of World Energy Outlook 2014 Special Report on Africa 13 October 2014 London Launch of Energy Policies of IEA Countries – Austria 9 April 2014 Vienna Launch of Energy Technology Perspectives 2014 12 May 2014 Seoul Launch of World Energy Outlook 2014 12 November 2014 London Release of December Oil Market Report 12 December 2014 Paris Release of January Oil Market Report 21 January 2014 Paris Release of February Oil Market Report 13 February 2014 Paris Release of March Oil Market Report 14 March 2014 Paris Release of April Oil Market Report 11 April 2014 Paris Release of May Oil Market Report 15 May 2014 Paris Release of July Oil Market Report 11 July 2014 Paris Release of August Oil Market Report 12 August 2014 Paris Release of September Oil Market Report 11 September 2014 Paris Release of November Oil Market Report 14 November 2014 Paris Release of October Oil Market Report 14 October 2014 Paris IEA Side Event at COP 19 18 November 2013 Warsaw, Poland Launch of WEO Special Report 2 October 2013 Bangkok Launch of Energy Efficiency Market Report 16 October 2013 Daegu, Republic of Korea Modernizing Building Energy Codes to Secure Our Global Energy Future 20 August 2013 Webinar Launch of Policy Pathway: A Tale of Renewed Cities: A policy guide on how to transform cities by improving energy efficiency in urban transport systems 10 July 2013 Paris IEA Ministerial meeting 19 November 2013 Paris Release, with webinar, of the IEA publication Technology Roadmap: CCS Update 2 July 2013 Paris Launch of the World Energy Outlook 2013 12 November 2013 London Launch of Energy Policies of IEA Countries - Estonia 20 September 2013 Tallinn Energy Statistics Course 14 October 2013 Paris Launch of More Data, Less Energy 2 July 2014 Webinar Launch of Energy Policies of IEA Countries – Luxembourg 2014 Review 16 July 2014 Luxembourg