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Southeast Asian Bioenergy How2Guide workshop provides food for thought

Participants of the bioenergy workshop in Bangkok.

Discussions centre on opportunity but also challenges to develop a regional market

24 July 2014

The IEA completed the Southeast Asian workshop for its Bioenergy How2Guide in Bangkok on 24 July. Discussions centred on the drivers and potential for bioenergy market development in the region as well as policy options for addressing barriers to development. Participants highlighted bioenergy's great potential to contribute to rural development, climate mitigation and energy access goals in the region but noted the complex policy, technical, institutional and financial factors that must be addressed and how a national bioenergy roadmap can play a role.

Co-organised with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the International Renewable Energy Agency  and supported by the Thai Ministry of Energy and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, the two-day workshop convened about 60 participants from seven Association of Southeast Asian Nations countries plus China, the European Union, the Netherlands, Germany, the IEA Bioenergy Implementing Agreement, non-government organisations and the private sector.

The workshop was organised under the framework of the International Low-Carbon Energy Technology Platform and informs the IEA How2Guides series, which provides manuals for the development of roadmaps or strategies for particular energy technologies or sectors at the national level.


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