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Back by popular demand: IEA Training Week

For a second year, the IEA is offering high-level courses on best practice to more than 100 energy professionals from around the globe.

2 April 2012

In 2011, the IEA launched a new international training initiative, Energy Training Week (ETW). Since it was immediately oversubscribed and received positive reviews from participants, the IEA is repeating the event this week, after inviting to Paris more than 100 energy professionals from government and industry. The participants represent more than 50 nations, mainly developing and newly industrialising countries with a more limited access and exposure to IEA work and best practice.

This article appears in the second issue of IEA Energy, which covers a broad range of today’s energy issues, from technology to market developments, and highlights the energy challenges of tomorrow. This issue will be released online on Tuesday 3 April.

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