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Top tips: How can drivers save gasoline?

As prices continue to rise, the IEA provides links to websites which help consumers save money.

16 March 2011

As well as government-imposed taxes, the price of gasoline is also largely determined by the price of crude oil, from which it is made. Consequently, with oil prices standing at over USD 100 a barrel, this is having a knock-on effect on retail prices, and drivers are feeling the pinch whenever they visit a petrol station.

The following websites provide useful tips for consumers on how to save money by cutting back on the amount of gasoline they use:

Natural Resources Canada
Save money, use less fuel, protect the environment

Ecodrive, Japan
Ten recommendations for eco-driving. (This information is only available in Japanese)

Intelligent Energy Europe project
Ecodriving for learner drivers & short-duration trainings for licensed drivers - the ECOWILL project.

Energy Saving Trust, UK
Smarter driving

Act On CO2, UK
Reduce transport CO2 emissions

US Federal Trade Commission
Good, Better, Best: How to Improve Gas Mileage

US Department of Energy
Gas Mileage Tips


Photo: Gas pump. © GraphicObsession

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