Key World Energy Statistics 2017: Even more energy data at your finger-tips

19 September 2017

In 2015, four countries saw wind generation providing more that 10% of all electricity according to Key World Energy Statistics 2017 (Photograph: Getty Images)In 2015, four countries saw wind generation providing more that 10% of all electricity, according to Key World Energy Statistics 2017 (Photograph: Getty Images)

China is the world’s largest consumer of coal, but it also has more wind and solar generation capacity than any other country in the world. This is just one insight drawn from the new and updated edition of Key World Energy Statistics (KWES) released today by the IEA.

The new version of KWES still provides headline data on all fuels, and now also contains additional information highlighting the rapid growth of renewable technologies, for example that in four countries wind generation provided more than 10% of all electricity, with solar providing more than 5% in two countries.


Also added is more information on energy use, including that industrial energy use in China and transport use in the United States are both by themselves larger than all final energy use in the next largest consumer, India.


KWES is drawn from the most comprehensive set of energy data released by the IEA across a range of its statistics outputs including World Energy Balances. As such, it provides essential reading for all interested in energy and the way its use and supply has evolved over time and may do in the future with now additional data on energy efficiency and RD&D – for example showing that public RD&D spending on renewables and energy efficiency now both match nuclear.


Alongside KWES, the range of free information and data on the IEAs website - including the Energy Atlas, Sankey Flow diagrams and detailed country statistics - have all been updated and are available today. KWES will also be available as a free download as a Windows, Android and iOS app.


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