2017 News

Commentary: Heating Chinese cities while enhancing air quality
With the phase-out of coal-fired boilers progressing, China’s central heating fuel mix is changing rapidly
21 December 2017

Commentary: Fossil-fuel consumption subsidies are down, but not out
Subsidies for fossil fuels are falling but remain much higher than those for renewables
20 December 2017

Commentary: Bringing electricity to all corners of Southeast Asia
Cheaper renewable technologies open new options for cost-effective electricity access
19 December 2017

Executive Director Dr Fatih Birol recognized as Energy Personality of the Year
Distinction highlights IEA’s modernization agenda since 2015
18 December 2017

Coal demand to remain flat to 2022, resulting in a decade of stagnation
The share of coal in the power mix will fall to 36% by 2022, the lowest since IEA began compiling statistics
18 December 2017

IEA hosts joint data meeting with experts from IPCC
Two-day meeting examined ways to improve data quality and collection
15 December 2017

Commentary: Changing utility business models and electricity investment
Technology, market and policy changes are transforming European utilities and new creating strategic opportunities
15 December 2017

OMR: Happy New Year?
This week’s closure of the Forties pipeline network added momentum to Brent crude prices
14 December 2017

Executive Director meets with President of Mexico
Mexico to become the IEA’s 30th member in a boost to global energy governance
12 December 2017

Commentary: Unlocking energy savings from buildings
The energy intensity of buildings is improving only slowly, representing a major opportunity for further savings
11 December 2017

Executive Director meets with China’s Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli
Dr Birol discussed expanding energy cooperation and deepen ties with China
8 December 2017

High-speed rail presents major opportunities for decarbonisation of transport
The IEA-UIC Railway Handbook 2017 outlines how the rail sector can play a key role in reducing CO2 emissions
7 December 2017

The IEA Energy Efficiency Indicators Database
Updated database contains annual data from 2000 to 2015
5 December 2017

Energy statistics training in Mexico City
Workshop brought together 40 participants from both the public and private sector
29 November 2017

Commentary: Plotting a path for greater bioenergy use
A new IEA technology roadmap provides milestones and policy actions needed to increase bioenergy supplies in a sustainable and cost-efficiency way
27 November 2017

Energy Efficiency Training Week for Latin America begins in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Five-day training week brings together "next generation" of energy efficiency professionals from across the region
27 November 2017

COP23: An important step towards Paris Agreement implementation
For the last two decades, the International Energy Agency has attended the annual UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP) negotiations
27 November 2017

Denmark is moving convincingly on decarbonisation
IEA’s energy policy review focuses on challenges and opportunities from the growing share of wind power for the Danish electricity and heating sectors
27 November 2017

Commentary: IEA on track to become a truly global organisation
The recent ministerial meeting of the International Energy Agency marked a watershed moment in the agency’s history
22 November 2017

Commentary: Who wants to be in charge?
Innovation and investment in battery technologies are imperatives for a faster energy transition
21 November 2017

OMR: Another new normal?
A fresh look at the fundamentals confirms the view that the market balance in 2018 does not look as tight as some would expect
14 November 2017

A world in transformation: World Energy Outlook 2017
The United States to become the undisputed global oil and gas leader; solar power in many countries turning into the cheapest source of new power generation
14 November 2017

Commentary: A new approach to energy and sustainable development - the Sustainable Development Scenario
The new scenario provides a benchmark for measuring progress towards a more sustainable energy future
13 November 2017

IEA current and former Executive Directors reunite at Ministerial Meeting
Ministerial Meeting was an opportunity for the current Executive Director to reunite with predecessors
9 November 2017

Commentary: Renewable energy offers cost-effective options to cut carbon emissions from industry
Reducing long-term greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the industry sector is one of the toughest challenges of the energy transition
9 November 2017

World’s energy leaders gather for the IEA’s 2017 Ministerial Meeting
Event highlights the agency’s global expansion as Ministers invite Mexico
8 November 2017

IEA Ministers invite Mexico to become agency’s 30th member
Membership will provide a major boost to global energy governance
7 November 2017

IEA holds global summit on carbon capture with leading energy ministers and CEOs
IEA proposes priority actions to unlock investment in carbon capture, utilisation and storage
7 November 2017

IEA launches the Clean Energy Transitions Programme to support clean-energy development
New multi-year programme aims to support IEA work and expertise in emerging countries
7 November 2017

“Women in Clean Energy” initiative gets backing from governments and industry
IEA and Sweden host event to support diversity and promote greater interest in energy careers
7 November 2017

World's energy leaders to meet for 2017 IEA Ministerial Meeting
High-level gathering of the IEA Family will include Ministers and Heads of Delegations from the IEA’s 29 members as well as Association and Accession countries and top business executives
6 November 2017

Digitalization set to transform global energy system with profound implications for all energy actors
New IEA report provides first comprehensive analysis of the opportunities and challenges raised by the digital transformation of energy systems
6 November 2017

IEA Executive Director meets with President of Switzerland Doris Leuthard
IEA will soon begin in-depth review of Switzerland’s energy policies
3 November 2017

IEA welcomes Greece's progress with energy sector reform and encourages the country to maintain the momentum
Greece has made noticeable progress with its energy-sector reforms in recent years.
2 November 2017

Brazil joins IEA as an Association country, reshaping international energy governance
IEA and Brazil also sign three-year comprehensive work programme in Brasilia
31 October 2017

Executive Director meets Indian Ministers in New Delhi
Visit focuses on upcoming IEA ministerial meeting and new work programme
26 October 2017

Commentary: The environmental case for natural gas
A preview of analysis from the forthcoming World Energy Outlook 2017 on methane emissions and the future role of natural gas
23 October 2017

Universal energy access by 2030 is now within reach thanks to growing political will and falling costs
IEA analysis shows that billions can get electricity and clean cooking, bringing major economic and social benefits without any negative implications on climate
19 October 2017

Executive Director meets with Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
IEA releases latest gas security review during LNG Producer-Consumer conference in Tokyo
18 October 2017

Market flexibility is improving thanks to LNG and markets currently well supplied but gas security remains a concern
Latest IEA assessment of global gas security draws lessons from recent market events
18 October 2017

IEA Executive Director meets Korean Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Paik Ungyu
Dr Fatih Birol gives keynote speech at World Knowledge Forum on global energy markets in transition
17 October 2017

IEA kicks off training week on energy efficiency in Tbilisi, Georgia
IEA for EU4Energy Efficiency Training Week brings 150 participants from 11 countries
16 October 2017

Commentary: Declining energy research budgets are a cause for concern
Public investment into energy research falls for a fourth consecutive year, with no rise in private research and development
16 October 2017

OMR: Building on success
While there may still be doubts about whether some producers were seriously committed to their agreement to cut output, the market heavyweights have once again walked into the ring
12 October 2017

IEA executive director joins Canada’s Natural Resources Minister at Generation Energy forum 
Forum hosted by Minister Jim Carr aims to forge consensus on a Canadian energy plan
11 October 2017

IEA Executive Director meets with French Minister Nicolas Hulot
Discussions touch upon IEA modernisation and the future of clean energy
9 October 2017

IEA holds second universal meeting of its Technology Collaboration Programmes
Gathering was attended by 31 of IEA’s 38 technology programmes and discussed how to accelerate energy technology innovation
9 October 2017

Minister Zypries and IEA Executive Director launch new energy efficiency market report
Energy Efficiency 2017 highlights significant benefits of efficiency to global economy, energy systems and the environment
5 October 2017

Energy efficiency gains at risk of slowing down without renewed government focus
New IEA report shows energy efficiency improved in 2016 but progress is mostly due to past policies
5 October 2017

Solar PV grew faster than any other fuel in 2016, opening a new era for solar power
China, the undisputed leader in renewables growth, holds the key to the future of solar
4 October 2017

Plotting a more sustainable course for the international shipping sector
Greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping need to stabilise as soon as possible – and decline soon after – to achieve a well below 2 degrees climate goal
3 October 2017

Examining the future of natural gas in MIKTA countries
Representatives from MIKTA -- Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey and Australia – and other nations meet in Paris for Symposium on Gas Security
29 September 2017

Chair of IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems TCP honoured in Amsterdam
Dr Stefan Nowak has served as Chair of the Executive Committee of the ITC PVPS TCP since 2001
29 September 2017

IEA family of countries meets in Paris to discuss expanded cooperation
Consultation meeting held to inform upcoming IEA ministerial meeting
25 September 2017

Commentary: Looking for balance in the oil market
There is more than one way to look at oil-market balances
20 September 2017

Key World Energy Statistics 2017: Even more energy data at your finger-tips
Headline data on all fuels plus additional information on the growth of renewable technologies
19 September 2017

IEA Executive Director in Mexico as accession talks reach final stages
Accession process expected to be finalised within the coming months
13 September 2017

OMR: Ready for a rainy day
The oil market has coped relatively well with the challenges posed by the hurricane season in 2017, but it may be time to consider steps to mitigate the impact of future severe-weather events
13 September 2017

Commentary: Understanding and using the Energy Balance
Examining how an energy balance is calculated through the use of international standards on data reporting is key to understanding its value
4 September 2017

IEA Executive Director meets with Austria's Prime Minister Mr Christian Kern
Dr Birol says new energy policies could position Austria as a leader in sustainable energy
4 September 2017

IEA continues to monitor impact of Hurricane Harvey on oil and gas markets
No need for coordinated international release of oil stocks
1 September 2017

Commentary: Examining the role of early-stage venture capital investment in energy
There has been a noticeable shift in the types of companies attracting VC financing for clean-energy technologies in recent years
30 August 2017

IEA closely monitoring situation after Hurricane Harvey
No need to act for now as market currently amply supplied
28 August 2017

OMR: All in it together?
The re-balancing of the oil market desired by the leading producers has been a stubborn process
11 August 2017

Coal falls as gas rises: World energy balances in 2016
IEA’s World Energy Balances provides a comprehensive picture of energy statistics from around 150 countries around the world
8 August 2017

Commentary: Witnessing the ongoing transformation of the oil and gas industry
There is a tendency to increasingly target smaller projects that can deliver paybacks over a shorter period of time
28 July 2017

IEA Executive Director meets with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson
Dr Birol reviewed developments in the global energy landscape, and their implications for the United States and the world
19 July 2017

IEA Executive Director holds press conference with US Secretary of Energy
Dr Birol presents latest IEA findings and addresses role of US in global energy markets
18 July 2017

OMR: Waning confidence
The world needs to wait a little longer to confirm if the process of re-balancing has actually started
13 July 2017

IEA sees global gas demand rising to 2022 as US drives market transformation
The United States is at the heart of the gas supply revolution as industry overtakes power sector as engine of global gas use
13 July 2017

Global energy investment fell for a second year in 2016 as oil and gas spending continues to drop
IEA’s annual investment benchmark shows spending on electricity sector for the first time exceeded combined spending on fossil fuels
11 July 2017

Commentary: We can’t let Kemper slow the progress of carbon capture and storage
The end of Kemper cannot be the end of our efforts to tackle emissions from coal-fired power generation
7 July 2017

IEA Executive Director awarded Melchett Award at UK Energy Institute
Dr Fatih Birol delivers the Melchett Lecture on trends in the global energy landscape
5 July 2017

IEA holds energy efficiency training week in Singapore
Over 100 participants gather from countries across Asia-Pacific
3 July 2017

IEA study unveils key role for trucks in global oil-demand growth
Fast-growing road-freight transport receives far less policy attention than passenger vehicles
3 July 2017

2nd IEA Global Conference on Energy Efficiency brings together government and industry leaders
Top-level representatives from more than 50 countries highlight the social and economic benefits of efficiency policies
29 June 2017

Morocco and IEA sign three-year work programme
Agreement focuses on energy security, energy efficiency, renewable energy, capacity building and data and statistics
28 June 2017

Commentary: Placing efficiency at the heart of the global energy agenda
The IEA will set up a global exchange hub for energy efficiency to share policies, insights and best practices
27 June 2017

Improving energy data and policy as the key focus of EU4Energy programme
Quality energy data in Eastern Europe, the Caspian and Central Asian regions is an essential tool for market reform and policy design
26 June 2017

IEA Executive Director holds talks with Prime Minister of Hungary
Dr Birol and Prime Minister Orbán exchanged views on matters of global energy markets, energy security and Hungarian energy policy
16 June 2017

IEA welcomes Hungary's efforts to strengthen energy security and reduce emissions
Report also highlights the need for more competition in the energy sector
15 June 2017

OMR: Whatever it takes
This month's OMR takes a first look at what 2018 might have in store
14 June 2017

IEA hosts third energy efficiency training week for emerging economies
More than 130 people from around the world gather in Paris for week-long training course
12 June 2017

IEA Executive Director holds talks with world energy leaders at CEM8 in Beijing
Focus on status of clean energy technology and opportunities to accelerate deployment
9 June 2017

New global initiative aims to advance women’s leadership in clean energy
Sweden and Canada announced new global TCP to promote leadership roles for women in clean energy
8 June 2017

New CEM campaign aims for goal of 30% new electric vehicle sales by 2030
Campaign also seeks to expand research on the scale up of EV deployment and galvanise public and private sector commitments for EV fleet procurement
8 June 2017

Electric vehicles have another record year, reaching 2 million cars in 2016
New report shows momentum is strong but market still needs policy support to grow
7 June 2017

IEA and China host high-level gathering of energy ministers and industry leaders to affirm the importance of carbon capture
Discussion centred on the vital role of CCUS in reducing carbon dioxide emissions while ensuring energy security
6 June 2017

ETP 2017 maps major transformations in energy technologies over next decades
Energy Technology Perspectives 2017 examines how the global energy system is changing
6 June 2017

Commentary: A New Era of Shared Clean-Energy Leadership Begins in China
The CEM8 ministerial meeting is held on 6-8 June in Beijing
4 June 2017

IEA Executive Director meets Sweden Energy Minister
Discussions focus on preparations for the upcoming IEA Ministerial Meeting, to be held in Paris in November 2017
2 June 2017

Preparing the power sector for the low carbon transition
Countries work to transform their power sectors in order to integrate growing shares of renewables
2 June 2017

Commentary: The success of wind and solar is powered by strong policy support
The IEA’s consistent message over the years is that good policies matter for the continued success of renewables
1 June 2017

Norway contributes to global energy security, while seeking to decarbonise its energy supply 
IEA releases latest review of Norway's energy policies
30 May 2017

IEA Executive Director meets with Spanish Minister of Energy
Discussions focus on energy markets and the rapid pace of change in the global energy landscape
23 May 2017

Tracking clean energy progress
IEA’s annual survey shows which technologies are on track for a sustainable energy transition
16 May 2017

OMR: Decision time
With growth in global oil stocks stalling, it appears the market has essentially rebalanced
16 May 2017

Commentary: The untapped potential of energy efficiency
A third of the world's energy consumption is covered by mandatory standards and regulations
11 May 2017

IEA Executive Director meets with top US government officials
Visit to Washington focused on US energy policy
9 May 2017

IEA executive director on official US visit addresses natural gas workshop in Washington
The event, organized jointly by CSIS and the IEA, examined the rise in US natural gas production and its impact on American consumers.
5 May 2017

Global oil discoveries and new projects fell to historic lows in 2016
US shale oil production has become a fundamental factor in balancing low activity in the conventional oil industry
27 April 2017

Commentary: The future is brightness as a service
New digital technologies offer tremendous potential to improve the efficiency of energy supply and use in all sectors.
22 April 2017

Statistics: Key electricity trends 2016
Overall production of electricity rose slightly in the OECD last year, but each region saw different changes in production shares by fuel type
19 April 2017

Commentary: Producing industrial hydrogen from renewable energy
Producing hydrogen in a way that’s both sustainable and economical could have huge consequences for a number of industries
18 April 2017

Bioenergy experts gather in Estonia
The government of Estonia announced its participation in the IEA Bioenergy TCP
13 April 2017

OMR: Half time
Halfway through six-months of oil production cuts, the game has gone fairly well for producers
13 April 2017

IEA examines critical interplay between digital and energy systems
New report in October will provide first comprehensive analysis of digitalization and energy
13 April 2017

IEA joins meeting of G7 Energy Ministers in Rome
IEA Executive Director Dr Fatih Birol delivers keynote address covering recent trends and challenges in the global energy sector
11 April 2017

Commentary: Energy is at the heart of India’s transformation
The stakes could not be higher to bolster economic growth and enhance living conditions for this nation of 1.3 billion people, which uses just 6% of the world’s energy
10 April 2017

Cities lead the way on clean and decentralized energy solutions
With urban energy use growing rapidly, cities will be key to a sustainable energy transition.
6 April 2017

Uneven progress on achieving access to sustainable energy for all
New report shows only modest improvements in electrification and access to clean cooking fuels
3 April 2017

India joins IEA family, a major milestone for global energy governance
The International Energy Agency welcomed India as an Association country on Thursday, expanding its partnership for a more secure and sustainable energy future with the world’s third-largest energy consumer
30 March 2017

Making carbon capture and storage more attractive
Opportunities for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) are driving expanded investment in carbon, capture, utilisation and storage deployment
30 March 2017

IEA and Asian Development Bank commit to step up cooperation
Agreement seeks to bring the IEA’s technical energy expertise, data and analysis together with the ADB’s extensive energy sector lending and financing programmes in Asia
29 March 2017

Commentary: Running fast to stand still
Laszlo Varro, the IEA’s chief economist, provides a brief synopsis on how the oil industry evolved in very tumultuous times
27 March 2017

Experts gather to give strategic direction to upcoming World Energy Outlook special report on energy and development
Over 100 experts from 30 countries provide strategic direction for Energy Access Outlook: from Poverty to Prosperity
27 March 2017

World Energy Outlook 2017 to include focus on China’s energy outlook and the natural gas revolution
WEO-2017 will be released on 14 November and include updated energy demand and supply projections through 2040
23 March 2017

Commentary: Waste not, want not
On World Water Day, we look at the interdependence of water and energy
22 March 2017

The challenges and opportunities of low carbon transition in India’s power sector
About 75 participants from national and state government bodies, regulators, system operators and other market actors gathered in New Delhi to discuss the low carbon transition in India's power sector
21 March 2017

IEA and Argentina agree to co-operate on energy statistics
The Republic of Argentina and the International Energy Agency (IEA) have agreed to increase their co-operation with a new bilateral programme on energy statistics.
20 March 2017

Deep energy transformation needed by 2050 to limit rise in global temperature
Limiting the rise in global mean temperature to well below 2°C would require an energy transition of exceptional scope, depth and speed
20 March 2017

Expanding ties with the energy industry
IEA Energy Business Council meets in Paris with IEA officials and Governing Board
16 March 2017

Getting wind and sun onto the grid
Integrating variable renewable energy (VRE) technologies into power systems means understanding how they relate to other parts of the grid.
16 March 2017

OMR: Taking Stock
Despite the OPEC/non-OPEC accord, the current stock build should not be much of a surprise
15 March 2017

IEA ties with India continue to strengthen
IEA's Executive Director congratulates India's Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister on efforts to increase investment and improve energy security
10 March 2017

Global oil supply to lag demand after 2020 unless new investments are approved soon
New five-year market forecast points to a tight global oil market, with spare production capacity in 2022 falling to its lowest share since 2008
6 March 2017

Active competition policy key to Mexico’s successful energy reform
Mexico embarked on an ambitious and comprehensive energy sector reform in recent years to harness market forces and attract new investments
28 February 2017

IEA Executive Director meets Australian Prime Minister
Prime Minister Turnbull and Dr Birol discussed Australia's domestic energy situation and its options to ensure affordable, reliable and secure energy
23 February 2017

Global transition to clean energy and electricity security at the centre of New Zealand visit of Executive Director
IEA executive director, Dr Fatih Birol, toured New Zealand to present the IEA’s latest in-depth review of New Zealand energy policies and meet with government officials
21 February 2017

New Zealand can play leading role in smart energy systems, says new IEA report
Over the past decade, New Zealand’s growing energy needs have outpaced improvements in energy efficiency, mainly because of the country’s expanding economy and growing population
20 February 2017

IEA and China deepen ties with extensive three-year work programme
Three-year work programme signed by NEA and IEA steps up cooperation on energy security, capacity building, data and statistics
16 February 2017

OMR: The first cut is the deepest
OPEC appears to have made a solid start in its agreed production cuts
10 February 2017

IEA Executive Director meets with Greek Minister for Environment and Energy
Dr Fatih Birol confirms that the IEA stands ready to offer its expertise and international best practice to support ongoing energy sector reforms
9 February 2017

The changing landscape of energy investment
Experts and business leaders meet in Paris to discuss emerging trends in energy sector investment
7 February 2017

Making freshwater from the sun
Concentrating solar power offers a solution for rising water demand in the Middle East and North Africa
30 January 2017

New bioenergy roadmap guide released jointly by IEA and FAO
Bioenergy can play a key role in decarbonising energy systems by responding to the needs of a wide range of demand profiles in the electricity
30 January 2017

IEA urges Poland to clean up its energy sector while balancing energy security, environment and affordability requirements
Poland’s new energy strategy should put the country on a pathway towards a cleaner energy system while strengthening energy security
25 January 2017

Winter challenges for energy security in France
With a series of nuclear power station shutdowns for maintenance, France is facing electricity supply constraints.
24 January 2017

Christian Zinglersen named as head of the new Clean Energy Ministerial Secretariat at the IEA
Mr Zinglersen will lead the CEM Secretariat to support an accelerated global transition to modern and clean energy sources
19 January 2017

OMR: A six month probation?
The output cuts announced by OPEC and eleven non-OPEC producers have entered their probation period and it is far too soon to see what level of compliance has been achieved
19 January 2017

Finding tomorrow’s energy innovators
Application deadline for The Start Up Energy Transition Award is 31 January 2017
18 January 2017

The potential for carbon capture and storage in China
One-third of coal-fired power plants in China meet a broad range of criteria for CCS retrofit, representing a significant opportunity for meeting climate goals and setting a challenge for government and industry
17 January 2017

Energy Policies of IEA Countries: France 2016
The IEA praised France’s leadership role in climate change mitigation and green finance around the world and at home.
17 January 2017

New analysis shows that fuel economy policies work – but more is needed
While the average fuel economy of vehicles continues to improve the rate of progress has slowed in recent years
10 January 2017

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