2016 News

Indonesia’s steady progress in tackling fossil fuel subsidies
Yet the removal of subsidies has been hampered by opposition to change from entrenched interests
27 December 2016

IEA welcomes Italy’s plan to revisit energy strategy and further decarbonise economy
The IEA praised Italy’s comprehensive long-term energy strategy and efforts to comply with 2020 goals on renewable energy, climate change and energy efficiency
16 December 2016

IEA, IEF and OPEC hold 3rd Symposium on Gas and Coal Market Outlooks
Participants exchanged views and compared outlooks for natural gas and coal markets in the short, medium and long term
16 December 2016

IEA welcomes Task Force recommendations to disclose climate change risks with scenario analysis
The IEA welcomes the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures that aim to help businesses disclose the risks and opportunities presented by climate change
15 December 2016

New policies needed for next-generation wind and solar
The dramatic expansion of renewable power in recent years thanks to falling costs has raised a new challenge for power-system operators and regulators:
14 December 2016

IEA urges the Czech Republic to set conditions to boost energy investments
New policy measures represent a solid starting point, but government needs to set out transparent implementation plans to establish clear expectations for future investors
13 December 2016

OMR: What a difference a year makes
The final report of 2016 analyses events as dramatic as those that kicked off the year
13 December 2016

Medium-Term Coal Market Report 2016
New report highlights the continuation of a major geographic shift in the global coal market towards Asia
12 December 2016

Commentary: Energy efficiency goes global
Brian Motherway, IEA Head of Energy Efficiency
9 December 2016

Swedish Energy Minister Ibrahim Baylan to chair the IEA’s Ministerial Meeting in 2017
Ibrahim Baylan, Sweden’s Minister of Energy, was named as the chair of the International Energy Agency’s Ministerial meeting, which will be held in Paris in November 2017.
9 December 2016

Renewable energy’s next frontier: heat
Unlike power or transportation, heat remains widely under-served by renewable sources of energy
6 December 2016

IEA moves to enhance global gas security
While the rise of the liquefied natural gas market has accelerated the globalization of natural gas, the energy security implications of this transformation have attracted much less attention.
24 November 2016

A low-carbon future for India’s railways
In countries like India, rail transport still continues to play a central role in moving people and goods
21 November 2016

IEA Executive Director receives Carnot Prize from the University of Pennsylvania
The Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the University of Pennsylvania awarded its annual Carnot Prize to Dr Fatih Birol for his distinguished contributions to energy policy
17 November 2016

Major countries commit to increase the share of electric vehicles in government fleets
The Declaration emphasises the renewal of government fleets and showcases commitments of these countries to the introduction of low-emission vehicles
16 November 2016

World Energy Outlook 2016
Renewables and natural gas are the big winners in the race to meet energy demand growth until 2040
16 November 2016

A delicate balance between water demand and the low-carbon energy transition
Energy and water have always been closely intertwined: water is essential for energy production, likewise energy is critical to water supply
15 November 2016

Speeding up Carbon Capture and Storage needed to meet climate goals
CCS today is the only technology able to significantly reduce emissions from coal-fired power plants operating or under construction around the world
15 November 2016

Morocco becomes IEA Association Country, a first for the Middle East and Africa
The first IEA Association country from the Middle East and Africa has abundant renewable energy resources and is a regional leader in deploying clean energy technologies and energy efficiency measures
14 November 2016

Policies are critical for the invisible fuel
Though 2015 was a record year for renewables, there is another energy technology that is making steady – but quiet – progress in limiting greenhouse gas emissions: energy efficiency.
14 November 2016

OMR: Holding the line
Investments ensure that the market remains close to balance and that prices are as stable and as fair for both producers and consumers as can ever be possible in such a dynamic industry
10 November 2016

Emissions data critical for targeted climate action
Knowing how much CO2 is being released and from where better enables countries to act on climate commitments
7 November 2016

Paris Agreement formally enters into force
With the entry into force of the historic Paris Agreement today, the world is finally committing to collectively tackling climate change.
4 November 2016

Day of awful air quality in Delhi underscores need for energy sector actions to reduce pollution
Air pollution in Delhi yesterday reached 30 times the World Health Organisation’s recommend levels , heightening serious respiratory problems for its inhabitants.
31 October 2016

Australia and IEA Agree to Cooperate on Energy Security Review
Agreement between the Australian Government and the IEA was reached following a meeting between Australia’s Minister for the Environment and Energy Josh Frydenberg and the IEA’s Executive Director Dr Fatih Birol in Paris.
31 October 2016

Mexico’s energy reform is set to revitalise an ailing sector and boost the economy, IEA report says
Mexico’s wide-ranging energy reform, which began in 2013, is expected to reverse the country’s declining oil production, increase the share of renewables in the power sector, and slow the growth in carbon emissions, providing a solid foundation for robust economic growth in the coming decades, according to the International Energy Agency.
26 October 2016

Mexico Energy Outlook
Mexico’s wide-ranging energy reform provides a solid foundation for robust economic growth in the coming decades
26 October 2016

Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2016
25 October 2016

IEA raises its five-year renewable growth forecast as 2015 marks record year
Renewables will be the fastest-growing source of electricity but growth still concentrated in wind and solar PV, and government support remains critical
25 October 2016

Singapore becomes IEA Association Country
24 October 2016

Energy Efficient Prosperity: Green Buildings
This is the last of a five-part series on energy efficiency focusing on real-life examples in developing countries
14 October 2016

Energy Efficient Prosperity: Expanding Energy Access
This is the fourth of a five-part series on energy efficiency focusing on real-life examples in developing countries
13 October 2016

Energy Efficient Prosperity: Low-hanging fruits
This is the third of a five-part series on energy efficiency focusing on real-life examples in developing countries
12 October 2016

Energy Efficient Prosperity: Low-cost energy tools can yield big benefits
This is the second of a five-part series on energy efficiency focusing on real-life examples in developing countries
11 October 2016

IEA releases Oil Market Report for October
Demand growth continues to slow due to vanishing OECD growth and a marked deceleration in China
11 October 2016

Energy Efficient Prosperity: The “first fuel” of economic development
This is the first of a five-part series on energy efficiency focusing on real-life examples in developing countries
10 October 2016

Energy Efficiency Market Report 2016
Economies have needed less energy to grow in recent years, especially in China and other developing countries, but more vigorous policies are needed to achieve climate targets, says new IEA report
10 October 2016

Energy efficiency gains ground despite lower energy prices, new IEA report says
Economies have needed less energy to grow in recent years, especially in China and other developing countries, but more vigorous policies are needed to achieve climate targets, says new IEA report
10 October 2016

AskIEA: Energy investment
IEA experts respond to your questions on World Energy Investment 2016
7 October 2016

Rapid ratification of Paris Agreement is a historic step forward, IEA says
Approval by the world’s major economies signals a strong global commitment in the battle against climate change
6 October 2016

2015: the year electric vehicles went mainstream
EVs are one of the few low-carbon technologies on track for a 2 degree climate scenario
5 October 2016

IEA encourages Turkey to deepen energy market reforms
Since the last IEA in-depth review in 2009, Turkey has made significant progress in reforming its energy sector. Completing the reforms will allow Turkey to tap into its renewable and energy efficiency potentials, latest IEA report says.
30 September 2016

Understanding energy demand is key to an affordable clean energy future
As Morocco shows, finding the right mix between low-carbon generation and energy efficiency is critical to meet climate targets
26 September 2016

The long road from Paris: the carbon impact of new power generation
New power plants still not on track for global climate goals
23 September 2016

ASEAN Ministers welcomed IEA’s open door policy and requested further co-operation with IEA
22 September 2016

Key World Energy Statistics: A world of energy data at your fingertips
IEA releases updated Key World Energy Statistics
21 September 2016

IEA urges Japan to decarbonise its energy supply
IEA welcomes energy market reform and applauds commitment to energy innovation
21 September 2016

Accelerating action on climate change
World watches as Paris Agreement moves closer to ratification in 2016
20 September 2016

Global energy investment down 8% in 2015 with flows signalling move towards cleaner energy
A new IEA report – World Energy Investment 2016 – shows the electricity sector leading a broad reorientation of energy investment but warns more is needed to meet climate targets and address energy security concerns
14 September 2016

IEA releases Oil Market Report for September
Global oil demand slowing at a faster pace than predicted
13 September 2016

World Energy Investment 2016
Global energy investment down 8% in 2015 with flows signalling move towards cleaner energy
12 September 2016

OPEC Secretary-General Barkindo Pays Inaugural Visit to IEA
9 September 2016

IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol and Moroccan Energy Minister Agree to Boost Co-operation
IEA commends Morocco for the success of its renewable energy and energy efficiency policies
8 September 2016

Cities are at the frontline of the energy transition
While countries and regions are setting grand targets to curb carbon emissions, the real action will be taken in the world’s booming urban centres
7 September 2016

IEA Executive Director holds talks with Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia
Dr Fatih Birol highlights challenges to energy security and discusses the future of the IEA-Slovenia relationship
6 September 2016

IEA Executive Director on official visit to Republic of Korea
Discusses global energy markets and efforts underway to modernise the IEA
2 September 2016

Adapting to a Drier World
As the world celebrates Water Week, IEA analysis has examined how energy production can make better use of limited water resources
30 August 2016

Air conditioning demand set to grow rapidly over the coming decades
But hundreds of millions of new households across the developing world represent enormous potential for energy savings
24 August 2016

Renewables are often only as useful as the grid they feed
Measuring the value of next-generation wind and solar
17 August 2016

IEA releases Oil Market Report for August
Global oil demand growth expected to slow through 2016
11 August 2016

IEA data shows global energy production and consumption continue to rise
Non-OECD Asia closing in on OECD’s position as the world’s largest energy consumer
9 August 2016

Renewable energy continuing to increase market share
IEA comprehensive data highlights the growth of renewable energy’s share in global energy supply, with renewables now the second largest source of global electricity production.
28 July 2016

Transport, industry and flexibility are the greatest challenges in achieving a carbon-neutral Nordic energy system
28 July 2016

Exploring the future of the IEA – China relationship
Workshop provides opportunity to exchange views on global energy governance
20 July 2016

IEA Executive Director voices support for Indonesia’s energy reforms in meeting with Vice President
20 July 2016

IEA Executive Director voices support for Indonesia’s energy reforms in meeting with Vice President
19 July 2016

IEA releases Oil Market Report for July
Record pumping rates in the Middle East and recovering flows in Nigeria consolidate OPEC market share
13 July 2016

Mission Innovation, a global partnership that seeks to accelerate clean energy innovation
8 July 2016

Lower oil prices are driving down investment and energy efficiency as Middle East producers gain market share, IEA says
7 July 2016

New IEA report maps Chinese investments in Africa’s power sector
Massive investments still needed to achieve universal energy access in sub-Saharan Africa
5 July 2016

Spanish Wind Energy Association recognises IEA Executive Director Birol
Annual Distinction was awarded for IEA’s work to place renewables at the centre of global energy discussions
1 July 2016

IEA launches four-year energy project in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia
EU4Energy project seeks to enhance energy data in decision making and policy building
1 July 2016

IEA Executive Director delivers keynote address at G20 Energy Ministerial
Dr Fatih Birol advises G20 energy ministers that their countries must take a long-term perspective on their energy systems
30 June 2016

IEA Executive Director travels to Beijing for G20 Energy Ministerial
Dr Fatih Birol highlights the importance of natural gas as a low-carbon transition fuel and promotes the importance of policy action on air pollution
29 June 2016

IEA Executive Director delivers keynote address at World Nuclear Exhibition
Following a panel discussion about the role of nuclear power, Dr Birol met with French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron
28 June 2016

Small increase in energy investment could cut premature deaths from air pollution in half by 2040, says new IEA report
IEA strategy based on existing energy technologies and policies can cut 50% of pollutant emissions, the fourth-largest threat to human health, by 2040
27 June 2016

Electricity Security Advisory Panel meeting discusses transition to a low-carbon electricity system
Experts and policy makers discuss the challenge of designing post-Paris Agreement electricity markets
24 June 2016

Experts meet in Paris to re-define climate ambition
Workshop seeks to identify opportunities to achieve faster and deeper energy-sector decarbonisation
21 June 2016

Clean Energy Ministerial Secretariat finds new home at the IEA
“Perfect marriage” increases IEA’s focus on clean energy technology and global outreach
15 June 2016

IEA releases Oil Market Report for June
Unexpected supply cuts and outages in North America, Africa and South America dampen global production forecasts
14 June 2016

IEA sees major shifts in global gas trade over next five years
Massive growth in LNG supplies despite weak gas demand and low prices
8 June 2016

IEA brings together energy efficiency experts from across the globe
Over 100 participants from emerging and developing countries gather in Paris for training and discussion on energy efficiency policy
6 June 2016

Policy support and technology progress helps electric cars worldwide surge past the 1 million milestone
Market share surpassed 1% in seven countries in 2015, and China overtook US in top sales
3 June 2016

Measuring the value of next-generation wind and solar power
As next-generation wind and solar power grows in the energy mix, a focus on their falling generation costs alone stops short of what is needed
2 June 2016

Cities are in the frontline for cutting carbon emissions, new IEA report finds
Energy Technology Perspectives 2016 shows that decarbonising urban buildings and transport is key to attain Paris climate goals, but slow progress will test governments’ commitment
1 June 2016

Technology Collaboration Programmes: Highlights and outcomes
Taking stock of the significant outcomes of the IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs)
26 May 2016

Vehicle fuel economy report identifies regulations and tax policy priority pathways to reducing consumption
Varied approaches around the world have led to uneven technology deployment, limiting global gains
19 May 2016

IEA urges Belgium to take a long-term approach to energy policy
Report recommends reconsidering nuclear phase-out
19 May 2016

IEA Executive Director calls for new push on energy efficiency
Agency establishes Industry Advisory Board for input on overcoming challenges to scaling up energy efficiency
13 May 2016

IEA releases Oil Market Report for May
Increases by Iran, Iraq and UAE help offset non-OPEC output decline to lift global supply
12 May 2016

Encouraging consumers to make more efficient transport choices
Experts from around the world help the IEA figure out which policies work best to change behaviours
11 May 2016

OECD energy production hits record high, but consumption and CO2 emissions fall
Newest IEA statistics detail decoupling of member countries’ economic growth from carbon pollution
6 May 2016

IEA Executive Director delivers keynote address to G7 Energy Ministerial
Speech stresses need for long-term perspective on energy security and sustainability in policy and investment decisions
1 May 2016

Experts provide input for World Energy Outlook 2016 on how renewables can best help limit climate change
Advice to inform an in-depth feature on renewable energy
29 April 2016

OPEC Secretary-General visits IEA for meeting on oil market outlook
After the discussions, OPEC chief and Agency Executive Director attend lunch hosted by Indonesian ambassador
22 April 2016

4th IEA Unconventional Gas Forum examines Latin America’s production prospects
Argentina’s Energy and Mines Minister addresses government and industry policy makers from around the world at Buenos Aires event
21 April 2016

IEA Executive Director briefs Japanese PM ahead of G7 summit
Address to council led by Shinzo Abe focuses on effects of low energy prices and cuts in investment
21 April 2016

IEA highlights production growth outlook for Brazilian oil and biofuels even as demand dips
Deputy Executive Director presents medium-term forecast at event organised by Ministry of Mines and Energy
20 April 2016

IEA to receive Spanish Wind Energy Association's Annual Award for emphasis on renewables
Recognition welcomed as sign that IEA increasingly seen as global clean energy hub
14 April 2016

IEA releases Oil Market Report for April
Global demand growth shows new signs of cooling
14 April 2016

IEA cautiously backs Portugal’s efforts to build a financially sustainable energy system by 2020
Review of Portuguese energy policies also urges the government to push for greater interconnection with Europe
13 April 2016

IEA Energy Business Council meets in Paris
EBC members provided perspective and comments on the modernisation of the IEA and the messages of key IEA publications
8 April 2016

IEA Executive Director discusses opportunities and challenges in Thailand’s energy sector with Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand
New Agency report, Thailand Electricity Security Assessment, supports fuel diversification and efficiency measures while urging increase in renewables
7 April 2016

IEA Executive Director meets with Prime Minister of the Netherlands
Discussions cover efforts to modernise the IEA
5 April 2016

OECD electricity generation from wind and solar grew 16% in 2015
Latest IEA data reports also highlight US-led gains in oil and gas production
5 April 2016

IEA and Thailand launch Thailand Energy Information Centre in Bangkok
Centre to support Thailand’s energy policy makers and industry
1 April 2016

IEA and China launch the process of establishing a joint energy centre in Beijing
Centre will enhance IEA’s co-operation with key global energy player
30 March 2016

Decoupling of global emissions and economic growth confirmed
IEA analysis shows energy-related emissions of CO2 stalled for the second year in a row as renewable energy surged
16 March 2016

How best to encourage renewable energy after COP21
More than 150 experts from around the globe share ideas with the IEA
14 March 2016

IEA releases Oil Market Report for March
Estimate of decline in non-OPEC output for 2016 is cut by 12%
11 March 2016

Poor air quality: good energy policies can help save lives
International experts advise IEA on forthcoming World Energy Outlook special report
10 March 2016

IEA enhances co-operation with India on energy policy and technology research
Agreement steps up engagement in several key fields
4 March 2016

11th IEA Energy Statistics Course draws 28 participants from 24 countries
From Armenia to Thailand, Chile to Swaziland, they come to learn the IEA way to assess energy data
29 February 2016

IEA backs Canada’s new energy and climate commitments
Review of Canadian energy policies urges federal government to turn climate pledges into energy policies
25 February 2016

Global oil supply growth plunging, with US taking biggest hit for now
IEA medium-term report sees oil market rebalancing in 2017, but investment cuts pose supply security risks down the road
22 February 2016

How to reinvent electricity markets after COP21
To ensure sustainability and supply security, IEA report prescribes a new balance between regulation and competitive markets
18 February 2016

IEA and UfM join forces to strengthen climate action in the Euro-Mediterranean region
IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol and UfM Secretary General Fathallah Sijilmassi sign Memorandum of Understanding to undertake joint initiatives that effectively contribute towards sustainable development
18 February 2016

Co-host IEA helps open Bali Forum with launch of Centre of Excellence for Clean Energy
Ministers and other top officials from more than 30 countries gather to foster innovation and collaboration
11 February 2016

IEA Executive Director meets with top Australian officials
9 February 2016

IEA releases Oil Market Report for February
As signs of a demand slowdown surface, higher OPEC output only partly offsets non-OPEC decline
9 February 2016

Laszlo Varro named new IEA Chief Economist
As head of Economics and Investment Office, he will support IEA’s strategic agenda
29 January 2016

IEA releases Oil Market Report for January
As oversupply, mild temperatures and grim economic news check growth demand, non-OPEC output falls year-on-year for first time since 2012
19 January 2016

IEA chief briefs Indian Prime Minister on energy outlook
In New Delhi meeting, Fatih Birol offers key insights on investment, energy security
7 January 2016

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